Mint Linux: Command Shells Tutorial

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A tutorial covering Linux command line interface known as Linux Shells. A better understanding of linux shells can provide new users the power and configuration options available via the Linux command line. Will cover mainly bash shell with a short history of sh, csh and tcsh. Will cover the control hot keys that allow different functionality on the bash commandline.

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  1. Thanks for the nice vids. Would you happen to know anything about these UEFI motherboards with secure boot, and how to set up disk partioning with them? I want to install Archlinux with GPT formattting and GRUB but I can't get it installed and I think it is all related to this UEFI stuff. Thanks.

  2. Hi Tanya, first of all lemme tell u you're very pretty faculty i've ever seen in IT field. Well, my question is i'm a windows admin with some 4 years of exp. Now, my company has implemented VDI environment, so could you please tell me what do i do next? I mean should i start taking classes of VMware? or should i learn linux please suggest me. Thank a million in advance. I hope to see your reply. Riz, from INDIA…!!! have a good evening / morning whatever it will be there when u see my msg.

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