Modern Combat 5 on PC (Windows 8.1/10)

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A gameplay of Modern Combat 5: Blackout on PC, Including both Singleplayer & Multiplayer. This game is worth your $6.99, though the gamestory is a bit small, but the multiplayer experiece and the Graphics are Literally MIND-BOGGLING . I have played this game on Keyboard. If like the video please Like & Subscribe as I will be playing more Games further. THANKS & PEACE 😀
Edit 1 : Thanks for immense support, the game is now available free on windows 8.1 & is also available on windows 10…


  1. im having a problem.I downloaded modern combat on my pc,(windows 10).But whenever i open it it says 'No internet connection,connect ur device to the internet' but my pc is connected i can net surf,use goolge watch youtube.But i cant play the game even though i have internet.What to do?

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