Modern Combat 5:BlackOut PC (Windows 8.1) Gameplay #1 (60FPS)

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To watch in 60FPS, swich video quality to 720p or 1080p.

Watch the second Gameplay video here:
Download/Purchase link for Windows 8.1/8-


  1. Wow, on my Windows 10 desktop computer, It runs very smooth.. And on my laptop also (Windows 8.1) It runs smooth too..

    I LOVE MY GADGETS.. (including my windows 10 tab)

  2. dost ajay system req. kya hai mere pc me windows 8.1 hai ram 2gb hai game dowload bhi ho jata hai par playing k time red colour aa jata hai screen par , sirf aawaj aati hai lekin screen pe sirf red colour dokai deta hai..

  3. Hey! i just started this game on PC but have one problem that when you there at first mission " Drag The Screen " Now problem is i dont have arrow at that moment so how should i drag im just stucked there please help

  4. The interesting thing is that: The game has a development of textures and 3D modeling, which supply the need of powerful effects, such as SSAO, or Per-pixel lighting and DoF. The MC5 requirements are low. This all opens a question, the, developers of games, would be forcing us to purchase components to upgrade? Games like Battlefield 4 could be launched in a "light version"? With the same graphics Modern Combat 5?

  5. the game have a problem in running at desktop windows 10
    at some point at start of the game you need to pick your teammate up from the wall
    but this action is imposible to do it with the mouse in the game since the cursor is dead
    the only way to move the cursor is in the settings of the game but in the game is dead
    so i wander how you guys with desktop w10 pass this point ?
    i try it with controller to same resolt
    so good game unplayble in desktop w10 dont bother to download it at all

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