Moodle – Install moodle 3.2 in Ubuntu 16.04

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in this video i will show you how to install moodle in ubuntu 16.04 (php5.6 and mysql).

steps :

1) download moodle
2) extract and move folder to html/moodle
3) open
4) select, lang english .. next
5) confirm paths .. next
when i click next, it showing error like this :

parent directory (/var/www) is not writable. Data directory (/var/www/moodledata) cannot be created by the installer.

that problem caused by, your /var/www folder not 777. so run this script: sudo…


  1. mau tanya, cara copy file ke /var/www/html gimana ya? soalnya access denied.
    kemudian saya udah install lamp server, tapi kok gak bisa akses phpmyadmin di browser seperti tutorial diatas ya

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