Motorola RSD Lite for Mac and Linux Restore your Device Firmware with this Script

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Motorola RSD Lite for Mac and Linux Restore your Device Firmware with this Script it is quick and easy to flash any xml file from motorloa. check video description for links needed.

Link to RSD-FLASH Tool

link to RSDlite for windows tutorial

How to Identify the Code Name and model of your Android device

Link to where you can find all my work in on easy to navigate place….


  1. Great video. I'm trying to resurrect a droid turbo 2 on ubuntu and it's being stubborn. I'm just getting a string of these errors "error while loading shared library: libstdc ++ and cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory. Does this mean that it's hopeless? I enjoyed your terminal savvyness even though it hasn't worked for me.

  2. Ok so I was able to fix the phone using the RSD lite method…This time once I got Twrp installed and ran supersu I did so WITHOUT running the echo SYSTEMLESS which appears to be only necessary if you still want easy access to accept OTA updates….Thanks for the help mate

  3. You, Mister, are my personal hero! I just thought that I bricked my phone and this tutorial and your downloads saved it. Thanks for explaining everything especially on a mac in terminal. Awesome work!

  4. HI thank you for posting this. I have an Atrix Hd I downloaded the xml file ( It does not contain servicefile.xml it only has "ATT_MB886_4.1.1-9.8.0Q-97_MB886_FFW-28_CFC_1FF.xml" When I try to flash it i get gpt_main0.bin MD5 mismatch. Any idea why?

  5. Aloha and thank you! When I tried to flash the .xml file on Mac terminal it said permission denied. I read further and see there was an update that stops this debug from working. Any updates?

  6. Root Junky, the stock `system` image appears to be too large or something. I get all of these errors when writing 'system.img":

    "Invalid sparse file format at header magi"
    "error: write_sparse_skip_chunk: don't care size 1097312864 is not a multiple of the block size 4096"

    Phone is in boot loop. Thoughts?

  7. I'm not able to reboot my device from your program because my mac froze right after it finished. It's on the "Please check for errors then press enter to reboot." Can i reboot it any other way safely? or power it off and then power it on manually?

    I had to do it twice. The second time, which worked, I opted to just power the device off from the bootloader, then manually powered it back on. Amazon ads appear to be gone 🙂 Thank you!

  8. Rootjunky, Hey if you still have the galaxy s5 verizon varient XDA has found a way to unlock the bootloader by flashing the developer edition. I was wondering if you could test this? I currently have an S5 on Verizon and would really to flash cyanogenmod on it but the locked bootloader isn't letting me. Thanks

  9. I have to bypass FRP on Redmi Note 3, but not of google, XIAOMI ACCOUNT !

    After updating to MIUI8, its asking me Xiaomi Account Password and I forgot mine

    I want to prevent FRP.
    please please help ! Please !

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