MS Windows 8 Tutorial

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Windows 8 Tutorial

Confused or scared about MS Windows 8? Then check out this introductory video tutorial on Windows 8 for non touch screens (or mouse only systems). It provides tips and tricks that will guide you through the new interface (like the Start Screen), Windows 8 features and introduce the hidden Windows 8 shortcuts so you can start using it like a pro in no time!

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  1. Great video! I'm pretty knowledgeable when it comes to computers but even I was like, whoa what's happening, when I started Windows 8. I learned a lot from this video and wasn't completely bored so good job!

  2. I remember not necessarily hating Windows 8. I thought it would work well with tablets since the boxes for the icons were big, it just made sense. It was just generally annoying on a PC. I'm glad they changed it.

  3. Seriously fuck Microsoft. I was disgruntled by Windows 8, I mean sure it was well known that every other Windows release was bad, and then the next would be good, that was how Microsoft did things, DOS was good, 95 was mediocre, 98 was good, 2000 was bad, xp was good, vista was bad, 7 was good…
    But 8 took things too far, it was too bad (I was not the only one to notice this, Glorious PC Master race GabeN noticed it too!), it wasn't just a few bugs or mistakes that made it bad, it wasn't performing bad, it wasn't the typical "bad windows release" it highlighted that Microsoft was taking a new direction, and that direction was "mobile market", Windows 8 had it written on it's forehead "I am a touchscreen OS" and touchscreen is typiclaly only wanted and welcome on mobile markets, I haven't seen any of these touchscreen laptops take off, I haven't seen any interest in them. Tablet/laptop hybrids have been ok though…
    But I like desktops and I like laptops, I want them to remain desktops and I want them to remain laptops, I don't want them to become like mobile devices, they are stationary devices the kinds of which you need to sit down and get comfortable in front of before using unlike handhelds. And I like this, it has many benefits over handheld mobile devices.
    This scared me, a lot, I freaked out a little, I thought "wow, this is bad… Microsoft is trying to make Windows something else than Windows, what if the next Windows release will be such a catastrophe again? I don't have any other options than Windows right now, it's the only system I know how to use! And I absolutely won't use OS X, what do I fucking do?"
    So that all lead me into just right as Windows 8 was released to just jump straight into the deep end of Linux operating systems, I jumped into Gentoo (the hardcore place to start, don't recommend it, if you want high level of control as I do, go arch, not gentoo); and over about 2 years I slowly just learned to use Linux. Hardly a year later, Microsoft is already releasing a new operating system…?
    What the hell Microsoft? After all the years that usually pass between your releases? And sure enough, Microsoft had heard the complaints about it's mobile trending designs, so they tried to mitigate it a little… They tried to reverse their design a little bit in the general direction of Windows 7 again.
    But that's all they really did on the design front, they didn't go back on their decision that they want to merge the mobile and desktop markets, that they want a Windows tablet and Windows desktop to look and behave exactly the same, maybe even Windows phone too, that's the direction they're taking. I do not like this direction and for that reason I am very happy I switched to Linux (where I am right now happily using KDE, very windows like desktop environment…. but better, honestly after you learn to tweak it.)
    But Windows 10 looked sort of usable, honestly didn't look that bad design wise, despite the flaw that it is a semi mobile-oriented design, it has enough of desktop in it to be usable unlike Windows 8, so it wasn't all doom and gloom…
    Until I looked under the hood…
    Windows 10 is hands down a botnet, what is the point of setting up all kinds of antivirus and firewall solutions when your own operating system is already a virus? Your computer is remotely controllable by microsoft, everything you do is seen by microsoft, everything you say is heard by them, if you have a webcam then anything in front of it will also be seen by microsoft. This goes beyond "everyone knows what you do on the internet" it goes into the "everyone knows what you do on your computer" territory. You no longer have private documents, that's not a thing anymore, microsoft knows, and if microsoft knows someone else will know, and if someone else will know some more will know. And even if we weren't worried about microsoft leaking information, if information is sent from your computer straight to microsoft all the time, hackers will be able to tap into that flow of information by stepping in somewhere around the middle. This is not a safe practice, and the reasons it is being used are two, and very obvious ones.

  4. Chip very concise tutorial I was liking it until dirty neck continued parroting nearly everything you send, you know you really can do without him, he treats the tutorial as though he's auditioning for comedy hour at the Apollo, get rid of the dead weight!!

  5. Windows 8 is utter shit. I've had my windows 7 desktop for years and no problems yet I've been through 2 windows 8 laptops that don't last more than a few months before fucking up.

  6. The very beginning of this video says it all about windows 8 "This is called the lock screen, notice that there's really no buttons, there's no indication of what you're supposed to do next." This seems to be the theme of windows 8. Why make buttons invisible? This makes it hard to learn the system. For example there is no start button, but if you hover over where it used to be, it is still there – it is just now hidden. Why would you make invisible buttons? To a new user of windows, windows 8 would be much harder to learn than windows 7. I would think that a new version of something should be better and easier to use. I don't believe this is the case with windows 8.

  7. thanks guys! didn't know that the left side programs where called charms and had an issue with them no longer appearing when I moved my cursor to them. I kept trying to look online to see the problem but didn't know how to explain the issues until you mentioned what they were called. So thank you guys again. Keep up with the awesome work you guys do.

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