MSI Wind U100 netbook running Windows 10

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UPDATE: Just updated to the Creator’s update. Still working just fine.

This amazing little machine is still going strong, and has no problems running Windows 10. All the drivers installed automatically. Wifi, webcam, bluetooth, and sound all work. Kudos to Microsoft for that.

Bought in 2008 for €300, it’s probably the best value for money I’ve ever got in a computer. It got banged around my backpack every day in college, it was my main computer for 6 months during my exchange study, and…


  1. I also have an MSI U100 with Windows 10 installed. I hoped to see videos on it but no luck. Is there some setting i can change? some software that would allow me to see DVDs? Please advise.

  2. Could you share how to update the BIOS as I inquired of MSI they sent me a link: When I went to it I can get the BIOS version they recommend (online download link: the program for creating a bootable USB didn't work I found one executed the flash.bat command but the BIOS shows the same version – Mine is AMI Version 1.23.1109 – looking to upgrade memory and OS similar to what you did. Do you know if 4G of RAM is possible?

  3. I agree with you on the quality and endurance on this little machine. In my case, I bought a pink one for my daughter also in 2008 (windows XP), from ebay/argos refurbished laptops (they were new, 200 ukp, and were selling like 10 a day) .
    I ended up being the one who used it the most, because I live in Korea, and all other computers in the house/job are in Korean.
    This little machine would take anything I would like to plug in, internet worked flawlessly, never had any problem with it.
    Wonderful with MAME, and use it with my son to play games on 2/3 players for the last 2 years. Best machine I ever had.

    Only last month it would not start, because I overused the HD I thought it had done its time, but after flashing win XP iso, it has re-started again! however I am missing sound+internet+ drivers and all the specific functions F1, F2, etc of the MSI Wind.
    I guess because those were created specifically for the MSI WIND and were not included in the ISO file that I installed.

  4. Hi. How did you install Win 10 on this netbook? Seems i've the same netbook here in Germany. System is running on Win 7 Starter and i'm not able to upgrade to Win 10. Or am i stupid? I don't think so. Please tell me, how did you upgrade.

  5. Hello excellent video!
    I have a couple of issues I would like you can help me
    I currently have Windows 8.1 installed on this same pro notebook msi u100
    I need the drivers of the camera is not detected in the installed drivers and does not work precionando Fn and F6
    Microphone does not work
    and I would like you to teach me how to bluetooth installed as Windows 8.1 does not include agradeceria of heart your answer c:
    I put my facebook so please do get in touch with me:
    Thanks in advance

  6. Im typing this comment on one right now but its still using it original software, but i would love for it to be running on w10 can you make a video on how you did it ~thanks

  7. I V got the same one! (color : white) I got it back in 2008 for about 340 euros. I would certainly say that this is my favourite computer ever. It will not run 3d games etc or display smoothly HD video, but its an excellent little machine for your emails, browsing etc etc! + I v got extra large battery from China that allows be to work up to 5-7 hours!

    I am currently running windows XP (I v got 2GB ram) and after watching this VIDEO I am a little bit sceptical buying a new 10'' machine. – I know it will be faster but does it worth it?. I am thinking of upgrading to windows 10 instead. what do you think?

  8. Hello Sir! can u help me what is the backdoor password of this laptop w u100? i have mine but i cant reset the the setting of BIOS. or there any way to clear its CMOS?

    Thank you

  9. Like you I purchased my MSI Wind U100 in 2008 for around £280. I used to quad boot it with Windows XP, OSX, Ubuntu and a beta build of Windows 7 (mainly just to mess about with). When Windows 7 was released I wiped everything off and just used Windows 7 perfectly for the last 6 years. This was my main laptop from 2008 to 2012 and got me though University. Back in 2008 I loved how the MSI Wind was light and had a long battery life, it was perfect for taking notes in lectures and I never had to worry about carrying the charger around with me either.

    I would have probably never upgraded the MSI Wind past Windows 7 if the Windows 10 upgrade hadn't been free, however I was curious as to how it would perform on a 7 year old Netbook. Like you I was very impressed everything worked out the box. It's certainly as usable as Windows 7 ever was. Impressive a device designed for Windows XP and released in 2008 is working perfectly in 2015 with Windows 10.

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