Mum Tries Out Windows 10 Without A Mouse! – Fall Creators Update (2017)

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Ever tried using Windows 10 without a mouse? Well, Diana sure hasn’t! So today is the perfect opportunity for her to lose the rodent and make the keyboard her best friend! Or…. WORST ENEMY!

Check out this video to learn more about the Dvorak layout:

This video was recorded in 4K with scaling at 250% (not the initial scenes with Diana at the beginning though, only the desktop itself). Tell me what you guys think of how clear the desktop looks!…


  1. Of course we can learn dvorak I did it. So I am not exactly sure what you mean with "we".

    Also I didn't get the right hand version that's for people with only 1 hand or something like that, for them its better than a 2 hand layout but because Diana has 2 hands, it made the dvorak keyboard layout less efficiant than qwerty.

    That said, I messured how well I did transition and speedwise I didn't get faster than I was with qwerty even a slightly bit slower I think, while thats a bit hard to say because I switched between german language test and english, and because I am better in german and the words are longer I was faster with qwertz (slightly modified german variant with the german umlauts).

    And it has problems especially for admin like people, that often sits on pcs of other peale its a bit anoying to switch back and forth, even it takes only a few minutes or even only seconds to switch if you get used to it, its still anoying and to setup dvorak on every pc you might sit on is also not that nice.

    I had 2 transitions first a economical keyboard, which took me only 1 week to be back at old speed:

    You only have to relearn space/enter/backspace and another 2 3 buttons and you slightly have different alignment of the keys because its no big thing.

    On the other hand the switch to dvorak took me 2 weeks to get back to 200 hits per minute from 300 before, another 2 weeks to get back to 260 hits/minute, so it tooks me months to get back to more or less full speed. Well speed is not the only metric, often your thoughts is the limiting factor anyway, except you are a secretary that types what somebody dictates to you.

    So if you want to to something good for your hands buy a ergonomic keyboard, even consider such expensive mechanical (yes they are expensive but you make less mistakes and it will last at least 5 times longer than a nonmechanical keyboard, so that relativates the prices).

    Go the dvorak route only if you have real pain in your fingers and you are really desperate.

  2. tab = select next
    shift+tab = select previous.

    i literally wanted to rip my eyes out watching Diana having to go through all of the possible clickable items like 6 times because she missed it the first time

  3. If someone swapped out my keyboard from qwerty to dvorac(?) but the settings were still qwerty i wouldn't mind because I can type blind. I taught myself to do that. If it is qwerty and qwerty settings I don't mind either, but if settings or both are dvorac(?) I'd get annoyed very fast. 'WHY IS E NOT THE 3RD KEY ON THE TOP ROW OF LETTERS AAAAAAA'

  4. People who are blind and who use screen readers have to use the computer without a mouse, although touch screens are accessible. So they need to know what the keyboard commands are in Windows and Mac OS and Linux.

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