Music using ONLY sounds from Windows XP and Vista

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yes, you can, but you need to be aware that when it’s in your game or video or whatever, it’s not unique there anymore. Also you need to credit me somehow, link to youtube channel is sufficent.

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  1. Thanks for your comments and views everyone. I think million views is enough for people to say everything possible to be said about this, so I'm not going to approve any more comments. Never expected this to get so many views, so again thank you for that. It's been fun.

  2. @crocz Camtasia Studio 7 works fantastic I use it a lot myself and isn't laggy at all… unless for some strange reason you try to record a high quality game with it, which is pointless because of fraps

  3. How do you get the Looping sounds to fade out by using the " == " thing?
    Sorry if this may sound noobish, but I tried to do that in modplug tracker and it doesnt do ANYTHING!!
    I can only stop loops by using the ^^ thing and it doesnt fade out.

    Please help!!

  4. @crocz What version did you use then? And if you still want to use Hypercam you can get Hypercam 3 here: solveigmm.%com/en/products/hypercam/ (again, remove the % sign). That works with all codecs Camstudio works with and should work with Lagarith (considering I do use it myself when Camstudio is having a bad day).

  5. @BestGazaVid No matter what the coded is, CamStudio is always about 25-50% slower than any other capture software. Unless some significant improvements have been done in the last year or so.

  6. @crocz you know as soon as i started listening to this song i immediately thought of Crash Bandicoot but my by favorite game was Warped. I also agree with you though, after playing every one, i know that 2 is definitly not the same as 3

  7. @incubusRaw Nah, I think these songs are sort of one trick pony. Plus win7 sounds aren't very different from the ones on vista. Thanks for commenting anyway.

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