Mute your Windows XP Sound Fast

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mute your volume in windows XP fast! This tip shows you how to create a shortcut (script)that mutes the XP system volume instantly.

Video notes:
create a file in notepad called mute.vbs and paste the following in there:
set oShell = CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)”Sndvol32″
WScript.Sleep 1500
oShell.SendKeys”{TAB 2} ”


  1. @orochifire
    1. Right-click the mute file
    2. Select 'Create Shortcut'
    3. Right-click the shortcut
    4. Select 'Properties'
    5. Go to the 'Shortcut' tab
    6. Select 'Shortcut key', and use any key you want (except for some)
    7. As indicated, your hot key will be Ctrl + Alt + the key you chose

  2. Double-clicking a .vbs or batch-file is exactly the same number of clicks to mute the master volume in the tray (Click tray-icon, tick mute box). Superfluous desktop clutter. Now if this video were explaining how to make a keybind/hotkey…It would at least help people that somehow still don't have a keyboard with ANY multimedia keys built in.

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