1. Hi. Thank you very much for the video, everything is very clear how to use mutt -om
    But not clear how to connect a mailbox: Gmail, Yahoo, etc using IMAP and how to configure them security to encrypt your password using "GPG"
    If you can, do more videos lesson and please throw a sample of your configuration fail "muttrc" and "mailcap"

    I translate through YANDEX translator I hope to be clear

  2. "Login failed. —Mutt: (no mailbox) …" ?
    – the folder com.gmail.userX was not created by itself, and manually making it didn't change the login failure
    – inside the file account.com.gmail.userX, I have no idea what the difference is between imap and smtp, so I used the same gmail password for both
    – the lines with: set smtp_url =….. and set folder =…. end with numbers – I left those unchanged.

    Is the login failure due to one of the above?

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