My Current Desktop – Ubuntu Mate 17.10

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In this video I discuss why I am running Ubuntu Mate and how I got here.

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  1. Proud mate user since it's inception. Currently spinning 16.4 it's my workflow machine, rock solid stable and it definitely can be counted on to perform. It's what works for me. I don't crap on or brag on other distros because Linux is a family and if you find one that works for you then you are awesome 🙂

  2. Manjaro KDE since 2,5 year… and it won't change anytime soon. I tried mate few times and I hated it to the core. I hate all light DEs but mate was even worse then xfce. I couldn't stand it. I hated menus, I hated settings, theming, desktop presets (they were not the real deal, just something looks a like but is inferior), hated calendar, hated panel, everything about it was wrong. I cannot understand why so many people loves it, I just can't but it's good that people find some place that suits them. I am Plasma/KDE guy to the core and everything else feels less and is not acceptable.

  3. Still running my trusty Gentoo system here. I distro hopped shortly before redoing an almost 2-year-old installation. Lately, the main distros I've been using have been Gentoo, Mint, and Kali. Once my training is over I'll be looking for a binary based non-systemd distro to migrate to. Ubuntu MATE has always looked solid from the reviews and feedback I've seen from others. Curious to see how the new Ubuntu 18.04 will be once it releases.

  4. I'm still on Ubuntu Mate 17.10. As you say, it just works. I have dumped Compiz, and I've just simplified my setup to standard everything, and I jaunt along happily without pain.

  5. "It just works."
    Yeah, that's why I like Mint + Mate. It just works.
    Distro-hopping? That's what VirtualBox is for. I usually have something like 5 ~12 guest distros, and they come and go…
    I would go Ubuntu Mate if Mint went down the plug-hole tomorrow, but I hope like hell they don't. The next one (I have a daily build for 18.04, just to look) seems to be very nice too.

  6. glad to see another video from ya Rocco. I have a hard time sticking with any one distro for long. I think the longest was Fedora Gnome. Lately it has been Elementary and ArchMergeD cinnamon on my machines. I would stay up to watch your live shows but you guys are up way too late for me, past my bedtime. LOL

  7. I am running Arch + KDE Plasma and also Manjaro KDE (on different laptops). I may give Ubuntu Mate a try on my desktop which still runs Ubuntu LTS (+ Unity). I have to say, however, that most programs I use and like are Qt based: dolphin, kile (LaTeX IDE), kbibtex, okular (PDF viewer), akregator, kontact, kdenlive, digikam, k3b, kdevelop, kompare, kate, yakuake (dropdown terminal), kup (backup tool), marble. KDE will soon add two other outstanding applications: kube (email reader) and falkon (browser, currently known as qupzilla). Needless to say that dolphin is the best file manager. The KDE applications are one of the main reasons why I've been running KDE. Manjaro KDE is quite stable. At some point, you should give it another go.

  8. Why do you choose 17.10 over 17.04? I saw the 17.04 vid and you seemed to love it
    Also why do you prefer Ubuntu editions over Mint editions?
    Plus have you tried either Mint or Ubuntu ‘ultimate edition’s? I like the eye candy etc but not sure they are as stable and trustworthy for important tasks and data storage?
    Thanks for your vids they are the best reviews I’ve seen so far for these distros, you do them in a way I clearly understand

  9. Hi currently running Debian 9.3 Mate is on a new machine and works and runs very stable,however also have had ubuntu mate 16.04LTS also love this distro. looking forward to the new 18.04.

  10. Arch! I use Arch and I love it. Between the wiki, IRC and forums, it's the most well documented distribution that I know of. I read Arch documentation for years before I decided to give it a go. (Not reading it with the intent of using Arch, but only because for my issue, Arch wiki had the best – sometimes only – documentation I could find.) It's the best experience I've had with a distribution, or OS'es in general.
    Would I install Arch on a server? Oh f*ck no! Debian all the way. But desktop is Arch for me and it probably always will be.

  11. WOW Roco are you sure you are not drunk because I though you would be running yet other distro ASAP LOL but no here you are rocking Ubuntu MATE so good choice and I only hope it last longer then GNOME and Solus but only time will tell but my bet is I will give you one more week then you will eager to switch like you always do LOL 🙂

  12. I'm running Debian. Have been for years. I just don't see the point of Ubuntu or others debian-based distro for that matter. I need something that works & has a good track record. As for DE, They're all readily available. Mate, KDE, Gnome, Cinnamon. Whatever. Just choose what works for you.

  13. Hi Big Daddy, I'm currently running Peppermint 8 respin, as now I have my gaming build up together. With two 1TB hard drives, main hard drive SSD Hybrid for surfing the web, emails, making videos, the other for gaming. I needed something fast and that could get the job done quickly. I'm currently still waiting for my Broadband provider to upgrade me, which is taking forever for them to do. Once done I will be promoting the Peppermint OS with live streaming, games and tutorials.

    A lot of distros, don't get the recognition they whole heartedly deserve, like Ubuntu Mate for instance a solid OS for getting the job done and all the software you can get for it out of the box, plus the welcome screen and software boutique which tells you everything about Ubuntu Mate. There is a lot of Distros out there that put the user first, instead of just having a really nice looking environment, we all need an OS that will function properly out of the box, or otherwise it will fail to deliver to the user and I really understand where you're coming from, when it comes to stability in order to get important stuff done, like your Pod-Casts, stability and reliability are the key ingredients, for any Linux OS.

  14. Hello Rocco ! You might install MX 17 and create another user for whom you would install i3wm. When you wish to play a game with the two monitors you go in i3wm where that problem doesn't exist.
    You just need one hour or two to learn the basics of i3wm. You can rely upon Ryan to get you through the first steps !
    Or you could install ArchMerge which has XFCE, Openbox and i3wm OOTB !
    And Erik has done a gazillion of videos/tutorials on i3.
    Best regards,

  15. I'm still running the Solus that you borked up :p and I will be for the whole of 2018. I think the key to not messing up any distro is to just install it and update it, but other than that leave it alone.

  16. [ Smiles ] Rocco, I am currently running Linux Mint 18.3 with the MATE desktop environment and I love it.

    For the record, Ubuntu MATE 17.10 is an excellent distro of Linux; I tried it out for a week and everything works without any type of technological issues.

  17. G'day Rocco, a video wow!! lol, was going to name the distro I'm using but there wasn't enough space in the comments, Ryan is not only a distro hopper he's a PC hopper as well, he's got

  18. I would like to know if the fonts are changing to bold or not. Last time i tried 17.10 or mint 18.3 font of the panel and ssd folder's fonts wasn't changing into bold

  19. Sorry, I found that ubuntu mate didn't work for me . Every time their was a kernel upgrade broke my system. I just given up with Ubuntu mate … Yes, ubuntu mate works for alot of people but not for me. MX , Linux lite and Pep8 have been stable and reliable but my fav is MX. MX has run flawlessly for over a year with no breakages and that's what I want.

  20. Question: I have a Lenovo Y50 and tried to install Ubuntu 17.10 a while ago and it messed up my BIOS. Not knowing that I couldn't fix it, I kept trying different things thinking that I did something wrong. I am a "distro hopper" and finally got Manjaro installed and working. I am now running Debian Stable. Will installing the latest Ubuntu 17.10 fix my BIOS?

  21. I too am running Ubuntu Mate on m main laptop because like you said you need something that just works. I had issues with Solus budgie after it being on here for over a year. Mate is running great and will put 18.04 on when it comes out.

  22. I am running Linux Mint 18.3 on a Dell XPS 15 9760. Some times I guess after an update my head phone jack does not work. I had to roll back the system using Timeshift now I have no issues. Ubuntu Mate for some reason does not install on this laptop I wish I could run Ubuntu Mate, but besides these few issues I am satisfied with Mint. Oh Great video by the way.

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