My dad tries Windows 8 for the first time

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My dad attempts to use the Windows 8 Consumer Preview for the first time. I wanted to try this after seeing Chris Pirillo’s video of his dad doing the same thing, and I wanted to see if I would have a similar result.

Here is Chris Pirillo’s video


  1. Great video!
    Your Dad kicks a$$!
    He is really right about all he says!
    Who needs all the @@#$% tuff they force us to use?
    We just want to keep having fun and work with our machines the way we know and love!
    Yes upgrade the UI, don't make is a quiz to do basic functions…..

  2. I feel your pain, my father installed 8.1 and rang me up because he couldn't figure out how to navigate past the lock screen (what exactly is the point of that actually?), find the start button, access programs, just general daily stuff like checking email and bank accounts and the rest. It is a truly awful and obnoxious step by them toward the average user. Are they trying to phase out desktop PC's in favour of touch screens? PC's are not iPads or iPhones, Microsoft.

    It's insulting that they seem to be railroading people into this crap.

    It's not innovation it's desperate guff. 

    What is the point in removing a locked taskbar so you end up blindly aiming the cursor around the screen just to find it and then have it disapear again?

  3. windows 8.1 is totally fine. Mine boots up to the desktop, when I close the start menu or alt f4 to close programs it goes to desktop just like the olden days. I do like the new start menu and being able to see everything installed by clicking the little down arrow.

  4. I got a Windows 8 laptop, and returned it the next day. If I need to learn a completely new OS, might as well save up for a Mac, and get a real computer, not a computer that wants to be a smart phone.

  5. To be honest, all videos like this are pretty stupid. How would a person react if they'd never used a Windows OS before if they started to use Windows XP? They'd do they exact same thing. It's just a re-design and once you get used to it, it's pretty fluid and there's a lot of improvements and performance tweaks too.

  6. What was wrong with vista? I think win 8 is really bad but I never understood the hate on vista. I ran it for 2 yes without a problem. In fact win 7 is identical to vista with the only big update to try he taskbar but everyone loves it

  7. Why doesn't Microsoft just make a key on the actual physical keyboard that would bring up the Start Menu/Screen. Then we could just train people to hit that, perhaps it would be called the Windows Key. Microsoft probably should have thought this up back with Win 95.

    And maybe just so everyone doesn't have to buy a new keyboard with a "Windows Key" we could make a secret key combo like CTRL + ESC perform the same kind of function??? COME ON Redmond!!!

    BTW in all seriousness my least favorite part of Windows 8.1 is the wasted space of the newly added Start button maybe Windows 8.2 will will get rid of this useless button or at least make it optional.

  8. Stop crying! Hit windows button and type your program name. done! Windows 8.1 provides the fastest navigation possible with its search charm. You can find everything with it on your computer, on the internet or your apps. I don't understand this hatred.

  9. I've heard some people say that. The laptops with win8 I've seen were fast, but they were also at most 1-yr old machines. Haven't tried Win8 on netbooks, for example (I have one of those with 7 starter, and it doesn't shine…)

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  11. It's not like he's too old, that OS is just so poorly designed, even with a windows support certificate you freak out after a couple minutes.
    I've got one, i found the start menu and stuff but still it is so incredibly unhandy and forces you to do thousands of things that previously just required a short move and a click.

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