My Home Cloud Test with OwnCloud on Ubuntu Linux

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I followed a nifty tutorial to get my own home cloud up and running with a nifty PHP script called OwnCloud that sits on top of an Ubuntu Server install and allows you to upload music, movies, calendar data, and all kinds of stuff and stream it around the house or over the web.

Here is a link to the…


  1. I hate that when small channel uploaders tell inside jokes like, "Sorry for yesterday I was working with Windows 8" and I'm just like "I literally have no idea what he's talking about". lol

  2. Couldn't get OwnCloud to work with Amahi sitting on Ubuntu. Can access amahi from outside the network but Owncloud logo leads nowhere; possibly an IP /router issue?
    Would really like a step by step because I followed amahi's instructions religiously, they have a one step install for Owncloud. Works fine on server but not accessible from outside – not even from another computer on the same network.

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