My Media Center for Windows 8

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My Media Center is the ultimate windows media center app for your Windows 8 device. Full manage all of your recorded TV and scheduled recordings. Browse a full program guide and schedule recordings. Start playback and then use the on screen remote to control your HTPC or media center extender. Tons of other features such as live times, premieres, movies on tonight. Fully compatible with Windows 7 or 8 media center. For more information check out and is…


  1. Memories, impressive I joined in on the Microsoft family at 3.11, and some glimpses of MS DOS cmd Sol, cmd, oh crap what was it, c drive no b crap where is the deck of cards and the remote….

  2. I was fighting trying to add the WMC on my stupid winpro8.1, all that mystery about BUYING, and all that crap!!!, XBMC is way much better than that peace of shit WMC!!!!!. I WAS WASTING MY TIME LOOKING EVERYWHERE TO ADD IT, I WAS ABOUT TO BUY THAT FUCKING KEY FOR WMC, AND CAME TO MY MIND TO TAKE A LOOK AT IT, HOW IT LOOKS, I WAS NOT SURPRISED!!! 

  3. Why the fuck would you 'Buy' a movie on Amazon if it is already in your library. I think I'll click 'Play' instead. That is the stupid kind of marketing bullshit that has no place in an application like this…especially after you pay for the My Media Center application.

  4. I really like this but what about Favorites for programming? The software I use now allows customization for folders for recorded programs. For example, Racing/PBS/Sports/TV Series/Music. This makes it very fast and easy to find/go to recorded programs. Another example: sometimes I forget what all I've recorded in Races and since I can't search what I don't remember, I just go look in that folder and see what is there.

  5. I've heard that streaming live TV from WMC to devices other than extenders is a complicated process. I used to stream Live TV from my WMC PC to my Android using Remote Potato, but it was not a pleasant experience in my opinion. I have a VERY beef server running WMC at home that I use to stream Live TV to 3 Xboxes. I used to use Beyond TV to stream to multiple PC's which was awesome, but BTV is dead in the water now. Would love to be able to stream Live TV from WMC to devices other than Xboxes.

  6. Shoot me an email if you are having issues mymediacenter (at) cetoncorp (dot) com also we have support forums.

    I can do a video though as well. Should be install services, do a wifi can and go. If it doesn't find in wifi scan just add a new PC and add IP and port.

  7. IMO the metro UI is the worst thing to ever happen to the Windows platform. I can't begin to describe just how turned off I am by the entire interface. Please don't abandon us Windows 7 users Ceton. I'd like a nice return on my investment from purchasing your tuner.

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