My thoughts and opinions on Windows 8.1 vs Windows 7 – By TotallydubbedHD

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My honest thoughts about Win8.1!
Let me know yours below!

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  1. Good video and thought the points you made were well done. I had been wanting to install either Win 7 or 8 on an old HP Compaq nc6320 and now leaning ever more to 7.

    ..I never thought much to the metro UI as a means to integrate mobile and desktop experiences: IMO the UI elements of metro are just too large / uncomfortable for extended use. Bigger isn't always better! Anyway great video thanks for making and sharing!

  2. But he way you need a Microsoft account to be able to use your pc on win8. Windows 7 is like come people I will not force you to buy word 2013 and PowerPoint. Windows 10, don't even think about it

  3. Really? Windows 8.1 is a joke? We all know that yes? , BUT, on the other hand it is a BIG step up from windows 7. Windows 7 is windows XP SP 4. At least with Windows 8.1 you have a complete change. Something that looks like Microsoft is actually doing something worth buying rather than just an expensive service pack update. I really like 8.1. Is definitely my favourite operating system. Even Windows 10 can't match it yet. Maybe in the future, but Windows 10 is too flawed at the moment.

  4. man, you said exactly what i thought about all windows OS.  Love windows xp and 7, until today never upgraded to windows 8, as soon i saw, i hated.  i would just recommend people have a ssd with windows 7 to boot up faster.

  5. Good Points raised about windows 8 and 8.1 they may boot quicker and shutdown quicker ,  but as a user friendly OS windows 7 is by far the best just a good OP  and non of the totally useless bells and whistles that are forced upon you  in my option .

  6. ok its 4am, i'm irritable, i've been working on a masive web project and i'm tired lol, but still imm'a try to comment  on this vid. This guy knows the basics about the windows 8 front end issue but thats about it . I worked for a microsoft approved developer and i can say that the whole project had the right goals in mind but was flooded with too many "forward thinkers" and not enough realists to give them a true projection of how i.t. & computing would develop.  

  7. Nice video.  Well put together.  Now they're throwing out 8.x entirely, and even shit canning the charms bar.  It really was a dumb idea to try to force desktop users to employ a tablet UI on their prized machines.  Sacrificing all the real estate that comes with a 22" displays, so you can have enormous kindergarten tiles take up everything

  8. windows 8.1 is better……microsoft fcked up bcuz they gave alpha versions for testing and thats where the win 8 hate started..people re stupid…expecionali when they run it on hdd instead on ssd(new hardware ,new os)

  9. Totally agree, I will still use W7 and Im trying to use Ubuntu at my office (that’s another story), the thing is that since my laptop came with W8 I found several frustrations, from the fact that I need to install Start8 not just to make the look-and-fell similar but just to launch and see things faster, 2 clicks to shutdown (not 4), and some cloud services that integrates into W7 (like doesn’t on W8. So let’s wait to W9… Looks like the Microsoft sequel is/was as follows: Windows 3 (bad), Windows 3.1 (good), Windows NT (bad), Windows 2000 (good), Windows Me (bad), Windows XP (good), Windows Vista (sux), Windows 7 (good), Windows 8 (bad), Windows 9 (guess what?)….. Greetings+

  10. I hate Metro and Charms, and got the Windows 7 look back using a little program called StartIsBack. In adition I disabled EdgeMotion so that box with colored children's play blocks does not shove itself suddenly in front of my face, blocking my sight from what I was doing every time I move my finger from the right to the left on my touchpad to move my curser in that direction.

  11. I thought my views on Windows 8/8.1 were due to my age.
    Here is 22 y/o computer geek who agrees with me.
    Let’s hope Microsoft wakes up and smells the coffee before all of us defect to Apple for a new desktop PC.

  12. i used to run win 7 for while after win 8.1 came i install Win 8.1 now when i try install win 7 it works fine after i installing few program CPU USAGE get's 100 %  but in win 8.1 it doesn't it works fine normal what could be the problem.  is it because of my HDD bad sector ?  plz take a look at this screenshot

  13. Your OS sucks because it's adoption rate is lower than Vista. Nice conclusion, good point. iPad is better than the Surface Pro 3 because it's selling a lot more, sure. "I run W7 on my SSD and W8.1 on my HDD, who cares about boot time ?" Try using W8.1 on the SSD and then see the performance difference, the SSD isn't only improving the boot time. Spend a day without 3rd party start alternatives and try to use the actual Start Screen and then tell me what's wrong with it or what's missing from the old Start Menu.

  14. I must say I used to hate W8 too, because at first I didn't like the interface and differences between it and W7. Also I'm the type of tech nerd guy, so I preferred W7. Yesterday I finally decided to upgrade from W7 to W8.1. At first, I was a little bit bummed because I felt like I should've kept W7, but as I started getting used to the new UI and the new features, I actually started to like it. When I realised that I can also download apps and games like on mobile, and that it boots faster, I decided that I'll stick with it. Overall I think that W7 is a great OS, but W8.1 is a little better for me.

  15. we reached a point in technology threshold of tactile interface and A.I. interaction with machines. windows 8 has a tactile interface but not an A.I software. we aspire for that change. i hope they come up with something better.

  16. I m in the same situation than u i don't care about tablets, phones, etc.. i just care about my Desktop PC, i m using Win 7 and i feel a tentation to try Win 8 but meh i don't know. Also there are rumors that Win 9 will come soon in the start of next year and there will be diferent versions, one for Desktop, 1 for Tablets, etc.. and Microsoft know Win 8 did not have the success and acceptance they expected.

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