My Ubuntu Beryl Matrix 3D Desktop

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A quick demo of Beryl possibilities on my old computer :
– Athlon 1800+ – 512MB Ram – NVIDIA geforce 4200 TI !!!!
– Linux Kubuntu Edgy – AIGLX – NVDIA official driver – BERYL SVN

skydome :

Hey vista tu peux pas test… xD



  1. This vid made me linux enthusiast… It's been 7 years since… :O

    and there's a comment I've posted 3 years ago containing wrong information, awesome!

  2. Un video totalmente futurista para la fecha, la primera vez que lo vi quede impactado! (hace unos 6 años ya) y pensar que apenas hasta hoy Windows se comienza a ver asi.. Tiene adelantado muchos años este sistema operativo, espero ver pronto algo tan epico de estos programadores..

  3. Ahahah I want see a Windows or Mac o.s. running this graphic effect with that hardware!! While all the cpu is completely loaded to record the desktop!! I've done a similar video with a GF7300 and 1.6Ghz AMD dual core: I can run 24 different applications, with Compiz (Beryl) and desktop recorder running!! GNU/Linux is always impressive!

  4. HELP!!!
    hi … can anyone tell me if the Live CD makes changes elswhere HDD and DDR3 ? I used to be able to install ubuntu 12.04 LTE on my Samsung laptop, now i get the upper left corner blinking cursor over the dark abysian background each time i try to run Live.

    Further more, all Linux Live do a "deja-vu" thing before the black screen. And XP installed with errors, yet i managed to get it somehow. I still get a non-BSOD blue screen about memory dumping each time i "Shut Down"…

    Any clues?

  5. I still love this video.

    When I started experimenting with Linux in 2007 I liked this video a lot. I have a laptop with a Sempron 2600+, the nvidia 6200 and 512mb of ram. Back at the days I had a dualboot computer with XP and tried ubuntu.

    Nowadays I use macpup 5.2.8 and my old machine still flies and looks better than vista. Niiiiiiiiiiiiice.

    If you're still out there W00syl3, thanks for the upload mate. I still get a warm fuzzy feeling looking at this video.

  6. @antonisjohn99 Linux is simple if you take the time to learn. Why in the world would I use an OS, that instead of working on it's core kernal, it builds around it….hence the crazy amounts of viri. If you really used Linux, you would understand exactly how powerful the OS is.

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