MySQL DBA Training 1 MySQL Architecture

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Session 1: MySQL Architecture. To Learn or Teach Linux visit, A Marketplace for Learners and Trainers. To know about me visit my profile at I deliver online training on Business Analysis, Linux, Unix, MySQL, Sybase, SQL Server, Perl, Python, R Data Analysis, Scala etc.

General RDBMS Architecture
• It has three main components:
• Application Layer
• Logical Layer
• Physical…


  1. MySQL is officially pronounced /maɪˌɛskjuːˈɛl/ ("My S-Q-L").
    That's why Wikipedia has references :). "The official way to pronounce “MySQL” is “My Ess Que Ell” (not “my sequel”), but we do not mind if you pronounce it as “my sequel” or in some other localized way." – So it really comes down to weather you want the official pronunciation or the one that people (incorrectly) use the most. – Joonas Trussmann Jun 4 '10 at 8:01

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