ncurses Dialogs for your Linux Shell Script tutorial

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  1. Nice video. I've used dialog "back in the day". I needed a refresher to help kick-start the memory. I'm going to try and used Dialog with CYGWin in Powershell. Need to make the Powershell scripts easier for the operator to uderstand. I like yor presentation style. Keep broadcasting!!

  2. Could be very useful for creating a simple text based database For example , names and telephone numbers without the extremes of perhaps having to got through the entire procedure of creating a GUI in another language , having to open a stream to write to a file and then further a read the file back that file with a separate GUI based mechanism and again opening up a read stream to read file back in

    You could then combine this with basic bash scripts plus GUI depending on your exit code to select an operation , for example a sort or find or what ever other operation you might need on small scale with out all the massive intricacy of coding and understanding class inheritance , polymorphism and having to use try catch statements so as to deal with any errors although yes you could build these in with bash script mechanisms

    Ideal thinking here might be a simple logon GUI which operates or allows use of browser for example btw certain times checking that user is allowed and has access rights

    For other people who would like to go into this more then here are some more notes for you on using dialog part of the N curses library

    Just an idea !!

  3. Excellent learn t something new again today beats having to create a message box with C++ or with java for ease and use thank you Kris

    Its an exit code same as all msgboxes which return and integer 0,1,2 depending on what type of msgbox you use

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