Need For Speed II SE – Running in Windows XP with Glide wrapper

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Me showing the partial ( first i wanted to make a complete playthrough, but i have poor upload so it would be a pain in the ass to upload it…) playthrough of the game in knockout mode. Im doing this for the curious people that wonders how the tracks look in 3DFX mode (unfortunately you cant see much because of poor youtube quality). Also, in the end of this tutorial ill put a link for the updated version of the game executables that allows TCP/IP netplay.

Now the tutorial to run the…


  1. You're the best! It worked, though slightly different menu structure in my version of the compatibility tool. Nothing to put me of however. Instead of 'Custom Database' I had to select ‘Database’ and then instead of 'Fix' I had to click ‘Create Application Fix’ and then Apply specific Compatibility Fix’.

  2. Man i miss the scenery that was on offer with 2 and 2SE… The outback, the pacific spirit, northern country… wish they relaunched NFS2se with modern day high res graphics package and a few more cars.

  3. Funny how this game actually makes you feel like you're going fast and has a name that suits it perfectly as well. Also what happened to the clip and roll car physics in the later NFS titles? That was my favorite part of NFS. From Hot Pursuit and onwards, I got bored because it felt like I was playing a faster version of Gran Turismo. It felt too safe. 

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