Net MD MiniDisc Windows 7 64-bit Tutorial

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Note (Updated 9/15/2013): Window’s 8 32bit & 64bit users, you will need to disable driver signing security in order to install the Net MD driver. You can visit for a step-by-step tutorial on how to do that.

A quick and easy solution to fixing the issues with Net MD devices not being compatible with Windows 7 & 8 64-bit. I did not create this fix and unfortunately I don’t know who is responsible for it, so I can’t take credit…


  1. Thanks for the sonic stage and driver download. I just opened up sonic stage and it worked. There all clean with no viruses etc. I didn't even seem to need the driver? It works on windows 10.1. God bless you man. I still love my MZ-RH1.

  2. Hi, Can this be used to transfer CD's to Minidisc please?Something I've wanted to do for years is to transfer my entire CD collection to Minidisc.The reason being is that I came to the conclusion that CD's are shit !! Minidiscs are so much better !!! They're encased so they don't get scratched, they're all re-writable and they're smaller.

  3. After days of going round in circles, finally managed to get netmd drivers installed on win7, and Sonicstags running. But now when I try to transfer music to netmd I just get errors. No mp3 will transfer, whether it is from disc or the hard drive? Is this some security thing with omgbox or windows? Anyone else had this problem. Error is "transfer failed: file name" some mp3 files it also says it can't find the file, even though it is already in the library and plays.

    Worked a dream on xp, but my xp machine is just about dead, so desperately trying to get the windows 7 machine to replace all the functionality.

    Sony's own community is remarkably unhelpful with regards to this.

  4. Great video! Short, to the point, and easy to follow. Just wanted to say thanks It works just fine on my Asus G750 running Win 8.1 Pro. I did figure out that after you turn off driver signing that the next time you restart your computer it did as before and wouldn't recognize my Hi-MD as a NetMD recorder and therefore wouldn't work again. My solution was after turning off driver signing and making sure everything worked, was to go to msconfig and in the boot section lock the startup boot sequence so it couldn't be changed again.
    Drawback is locked in driver signing off position. But that's just me.
    Hope this helps anyone that needs it.

    And thanks again Proud… The hard work is appreciated!
    P.S. What model is your MDR in the video?

    Joe N.
    Little Rock, AR

  5. You friggin ROCK, man!! Thanks so much. For a minute there, thought I was gonna have to do an XP VM or do this on my XP laptop (if it will even boot) ha!

    Thanks again so much!

  6. Your Driver doesn't work with my MZ-N505, however it is included.
    I'm getting an error, that the hash is wrong or was edited unauthorized .
    What now??? I thought finally it would work 🙁

    Using Windows 8 64Bit

    Edit: Ok, saw your update in your description. Will try it and write later again.

  7. Using this with a Net MD MZ-N505.

    My issue is that when I try to transfer tracks to the PC, I get the popup window:
    Unable to transfer the following tracks to My Library because they are recorded by NetMD or another computer.

    I have a BOATLOAD of MiniDiscs I used at work and school before I got this NetMD player. Any idea how to skirt around this copy protection?

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