Netbook boot times: Windows 7 Starter Vs. Ubuntu 12.04

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Twitter: @WakeLewis
Other YouTube: AwesomeFerrariKid.

Netbook used: Samsung N130

Song: Jedward – Waterline

FYI: I will only be making one of these videos. I done this video as I have Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04 as a dual boot. Do ask if you have anymore information ;D

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  1. This video is misleading; he's using WUBI which creates a fake bootloader and hard drive image so it's extremely slow.

    For netbooks I would recommend:

    * Xubuntu – medium boot time, easy to use
    * Manjaro – really fast boot time, not as easy for beginners
    * Ubuntu – slow boot time, really easy to use 

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