New Ubuntu OS Secrets revealed

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Ubuntu 11.04 default user interface know as Unity AKA Craptastic.

Ubuntu did not rush Unity release because they wanted to appeal to new users. It should already be obvious to some that Unity is a marketing based decision. A Windows machines looks and feel like Windows Operating System, The same goes for apple products, all Mac OS X looks and feel like a Mac. So Ubuntu is trying to put their makeup on to finally have a face they can call their own, just before…


  1. I actually like that Canonical is developing their own user interface for Ubuntu. This way it can give it its own original look and feel. And if someone wants to use Ubuntu. but doesn't like Unity, they can install XFCE 4 which can be easily customized to look identical to Gnome 2, which is what you refer to as Ubuntu Classic.

    I'm starting to get used to Unity.

  2. @alexthehaitian but this has been a trouble for along time i think. my first linux was slackware, if i were to invite someone to try linux today i'd still be split between throwing them in the deep end with something like arch or having them start the latest ubu with unity..

    (p.s i like your desktop, little bright for my personal tastes/eyes but very nice :3)

  3. @alexthehaitian it's the negative coverage that gets me recently i guess xD there's alot of people hating on unity and 2bf i'd not use it myself (probably will test it soon you'll hear from me will be a long winded appology probably xD), if it's inviting to mac and windows users then i see this as a positive thing. tho after watching your vid again i can relate to what you're saying about inviting new users. (continued in next post)

  4. @alexthehaitian (sry for 2nd post, i'll stop after this ;3) gnome/kde are slow but shiny, open/flux/blackbox are WMs aimed towards devs, and that's what linux wants still, more devs. And yes i can code a little, tinker'd with python for afew years now, learnt bits and pieces of other languages but is just a hobby for me, so yeah i'm a coding newb x3 everyone has to start somewhere

    also sorry for being a douche with my opinion, it's just the way i see things tho, linux is about learning.

  5. @alexthehaitian That's besides the point, configuring a wm isnt hard. if it is then unity is for you.
    linux is linux, ubuntu makes it easy yes, and unity is for people that don't wish to have to tinker. is it unity you're not happy with or a lack of willingness to take a step and tailor other WMs to your needs?

  6. ubuntu 11.04 will be the last ubuntu i use because it still has gnome 2. only reason i upgraded was to get the latest kernel and packages. but i'm planning to move to something else, like linux mint or something

  7. realisticly you're acting like ubuntu users and not linux users, there are plenty of different ways you can have ubuntu: xubuntu / lubuntu / kubuntu, you're not restricted to ubuntu btw >,> ubuntu is linux for newbs and ease of use, there's no need to kick your bottle out your pram just cause they're trying to help the next range of newbs.. time to grow up and go find the linux that's right for you. and if you think looks are what makes a distro, then go learn something about window managers ffs

  8. I totally agree with what u r saying! I rolled back to ubuntu 10.04 LTS after the 11.04 unity release, i was pretty annoyed that the gnome +compiz setup i had was not being supported. Like u say, it works fine! Why change it? I may be searching for another linux ditribution if it doesn't improve, i dont like KDE , Gnome i like . unity was like an ipad, my pc isnt an ipad!
    Thanks for the video!

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