NEW way to Change Color/Colour of Windows 10 White Title Bars (No downloads!)

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Today, I’ll tell you another easy way to change the color / colour of your Windows 10 white title bars! No downloads or theme patchers required.

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Now I’ve actually made a video on this in the past, but it linked to a third-party website, and unfortunately that link doesn’t work anymore. But I haven’t let that stop me, because I’ve actually found a new way to change…


  1. But that changes everything including the task bar and the start menus etc. I just want to change the colour at the top of the menus or windows that I open. I don't want to change the whole of my computer colour scheme. I like it blue but I want the inactive and active menues and bar etc to be in a different colour. You used to be able to do that before windows 8 and 10 came along. You could just chose what colour the title bars 'alone' would be without affecting the rest of the computer. Where's that option gone?! I noticed it's also changed the colour of the writing on the taskbar to black and not white like it was )-:

  2. if i have 2 windows side by side, i want to have a bright color and the other to have a darker one. i want it to be very obvious. this was like the old windows theme classic. can this be done?

  3. This didn't change the colour of my title bar when i am online–only when i am in settings offline, i am still left with a huge gray bar going across the top of my screen when i am online, what a waste of time this was

  4. To anyone still having problems with this. Windows changed the settings
    to make it possible. You no longer need this "theme" or instruction. All
    you simply have to do. Right click > personalize > Colors >
    turn on "Show color on Start, taskbar, action center, and title bar" BOOM THERE YOU GO!

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