New Windows 10 Pro for WORKSTATIONS – ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE Spring Creators Update RedStone 4 Retail

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New Windows 10 Pro for WORKSTATIONS.ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE Spring Creators Update RedStone 4 official release; retail.

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  1. I just ordered the new XPS 15 2in1 with the 256 ssd on it and plan to upgrade it for more storage later on, is there a way to move windows and all the data to another ssd with the XPS only having one ssd port?

  2. I think this is just a way Microsoft get more money for Windows. If you go to the Dell website, choose a Precision 5520, select the Xeon processor and you will need to get 10 Pro for Workstations (4-core). Seems they are locking enterprise grade hardware into this new version.

    I will say though, I'd much rather have ReFS than the ageing NTFS and its only £30 when purchasing a new workstation.

  3. Hey man, this is not related to Windows, but I just got a really good deal on an XPS 13 9360 with the latest specs and 16 gb ram, but now I hear there a units with coil Whine, have you experienced this?

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