Nexus 4 – Ubuntu Mobile OS Hands On

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Hands on with the Ubuntu Mobile OS on the Google Nexus 4 at Computex 2013.


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  1. Hi There. Right now Ubuntu Mobile OS has yet to be official release, thus, the version you see available is just a developer version which only provides a preview. In regards to Android Apps running on an Ubuntu Mobile platform, I believe it can be done when it's finally released later this year.

  2. Well, one is a tablet and the other is a Smartphone. One can't really compare both. In terms of specs, I would lean towards the Nexus 4. Plus, it's got a radio cellular chip inside it. I rather get a Smartphone 😉

  3. Yes, it's indeed an open platform OS, however, Ubuntu will only be focusing on Google's Nexus lineup for the time being. The beta versions of the OS are not widely available to the public. In fact, the demo above is a developer preview in which most functions on the OS are not working. Only a few Apps were working including Twitter, Browser, Camera, Events and Calendar.

  4. At the moment they're only support the Google Nexus lineup as it's an open platform compared to the closed-off platform of the Exynos chip found on the Samsung Galaxy S2.

  5. Ubuntu Mobie is an open OS, you can install it on any Android Device unless the hardware can handle it. fyi the OS is at in its beta stage…

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