Nitrux Linux 1.0.8 First Impression Install & Review

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In this video, I take a quick look at Nitrux Linux–an Ubuntu-based Linux distro that focuses on AppImages and sports the Nomad desktop which sits on top of KDE Plasma 5.


  1. Here is the latest news on the development branch of Wayland protocol concerning the upcoming Version 1.15:

    Quoted from their forum:
    It looks like most of what's been proposed as "high priority" for this 1.15 release has landed and we're in a good place for another wayland/weston release. The tentative schedule is:

    February 26th – Alpha March 19th – Beta
    April 2nd – RC1
    April 9th – First potential release

    It is my opinion that because dozens of coders are working hard on wayland and kwin and sway and way-cooler, that the user experience will improve subtly with each release as distros begin to adopt it and tweak it.

    But it sounds like another year away before it will be newbie friendly. The screen-recorder issue seems to be a major hurdle that they will be forced to find a solution for.

    I do not know any distros even using Version 1.14, but I would suspect the development editions of Gnome use that in Arch, and Fedora.

  2. Maybe doing an apt upgrade would have solved the software center by updating it. Maybe. Still support for Snaps and Appimage is not a bad thing. Both have plus and minuses. Nice looking distro none the less.

  3. Very good review Derek, concise and to the point, at this moment is very soon to say something aboout Nomad Desktop, it's a fresh air in the world of Plasma and Qt applications, i hope will arrive to safe port.

  4. the basic thing 'about distro'; you take 'elements', then you have "that". it is as exciting as a politician discourse.
    nothing new, nothing about improvements/making 'your daily comuter life' more easier.
    since linux(Linus Torvalds) or projects like these, nothing has really Happened. just people telling to others they have invented again the snow. Hopeless. The computer world is as Dumb in linux than in windows or any others OS.

  5. It would seem odd to me for a distro that is hoping to be uniquely different to use Ubuntu. So if the developer loves AppImages, maybe he or she is just using the base part of Ubuntu as opposed to basing it off of Debian.

    It sounds like a prototype distro to see how many people are interested in AppImages.

    Future laptops are going to have 8 GB of fast ram and the new Ryzen APUs, so just about any Linux distro is going to perform well in the coming years

    Nitrix needs to put in large letters before install the list of major software that their Software Center lacks, with a note about how to install those missing packages.

    Where light distros will excel is on tiny computers like the ASUS Tinkerboard. and older mini-ITX systems that users try to keep running.

  6. I came away with the same thoughts as you. I wanted it to be great because I've always admired what these guys have done with icons and themes. This project is very new and different. I hope they continue the development and make it great. Seem to have potential.

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