Nokia Lumia Windows 8 WiFi Connection Problem Tips & Tricks.

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This video shows you clearly how to solve your lumia mobile wifi problem.
This trick works 99.9%.
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  1. I solved my problem on a Lumia 630 setting the wifi channel of the router to 6. Then I didn't remove old wifi networks that were saved in the mobile phone and I didn't turn it off. I just toggled the wifi off and then on. Thank you 🙂

  2. it is so complicated, why microsoft don't sell fully working systems at once ?

    why modify my router as all other stuff at home works well as it is ?

    finally i fix the problem, got an iphone, thanks guy !

  3. Not really easy to remove a Nokia Lumina 920 battery. Probably easier to just throw the piece of shit out, and buy a proper phone. I have had it with this shitbox phone. M$, please give up on this nightmare dream of yours!

  4. where can i get help with my 520 go phone . i cant get all of my contacts to show on people page and now when a call comes in just the number shows but not the name even though it is a contact . what setting do i change to make it all come back

  5. Hi,
    unlocked lumia 928 wifi is not working.
    I have tried all the avialable solutions in internet including above but iam unable to connect to wifi.
    iam able to see the wifi network in mobile, so, i assume there is no hardware problem. but when i try to connect it, incorrect password error is popping up. All others devices(android) able to connect to the same network, but lumia 928 is failed to connect.
    I tried with 11b only with all the channels in wifi router but no result.

    Please guide me if anyone knows

    Thanks in advance.

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