Notepad Rape vs Windows 98 – 10

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Today, I will be executing a program, Notepad Rape by Druaga1 on Windows 98 to Windows 10. Its routine is to continuously open Notepad making Windows to run out of available memory before crashing, freezing, or otherwise completely lock up. The MIDI played in Windows 98 is different because the audio driver in which Windows 98 can handle has a custom MIDI synthesizer which I think sounds cool than the default Microsoft MIDI Wavetable used today.

For Windows 98, ME, I had to copy notepad.exe…


  1. i tried doing a same command
    start notepad
    instead it ran infinity cmd's with an error:
    "do" is an invalid command
    "loop" is an invalid command
    and i decided to shut my computer down
    i rebooted it the next day
    it was running slow
    so i ran disk cleanup and windows defender
    it ran a little bit faster after
    i was still scared after the cmd-notepad incident
    don't try what i just did to my pc

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