NTLDR is missing CD boot disk for Windows XP – ntldrismissing.com

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has boot disks available. Here’s the info on how to download the zip file, extract it, and burn the ISO file; to fix the “ntldr is missing” error on Windows XP.
If in Windows XP but making the ISO file, you need a program to burn it to disk. This “ISO Recorder” one works great
I wish the video wasn’t so blurry, and shaky, but I wanted to get this out asap because I keep getting asked for help on this point.


  1. Holy fuck it worked. I love you !!! But what do I do now that I'm back up and running to make sure it doesn't happen again ? Also do I need to reboot and F12 again to boot up normally like I did prior to doing the "up arrow" thing? Thanks !!

  2. i just wanna add that my problem got fixed my school teacher happened to have a burnable cd of what was called Hirens Boot Cd  which is a free product for download and you just burn the img to regular disc just as you did here. dunno if you wanted to know this 

  3. i had burned the cd but when i put it in my broken computer it doesn't load it up and continues to say ntldr is missing even when i restart and also select the cd as the form to boot from  i did everything within the video  

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