Obama Promotes UBUNTU Party Philosophy

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Obama told the world that the UBUNTU philosophy is the one we should all follow. SO let’s do just that and let’s all get behind the UBUNTU movement and Political party in South Africa – 2014 elections are approaching and the UBUNTU Party will be there. Our aim is to replace the SA Reserve Bank with a people’s bank that issues money for the people by the people – tax-free and interest free – while we undergo the full transition to an UBUNTU society where money is of no use at all. Join the…


  1. His eyes don't show that he agrees with what he is saying, its like he loathes what he is saying and only saying it because he knows its what people want to hear.

  2. Puttin this up was not a good idea Michael! This is a disgusting person who liked killing a LOT. Furthermore Mandela was no better! He was a traitor to hisown people and he ruined South Africa – but especially his own country of The Transkei. Ubuntu indeed!

  3. Obama is saying THIS and doing THAT !!! He's a great imposter of the monopolistic-capital-conglomerates … a puppet … why is he boasting and swaggering a bunch of lies on the one hand and on the other hand he is doing what the MIC (military industrial complex) wants from him ??? Not my president !! Not in my name !! Not a peace-nobel-price honory citizen !! No, NOT AT ALL !!! Go down to the bottomless pit where you and all your ministers belong !!!

  4. Would have been ok with the video post if recognition had went to Mandela versus making it strickly about UBUNTU Contributionism (like it states in the title, video description, and clearly advertised at the end). "Obama praises UBUNTU philosophy" would have been a much less misleading and much more respectful video title if including a homage to Nelson Mandela at the end of the video before the UBUNTU promotion and website, considering this was taken FROM Mandela's memorial service. Not even a mention in the video description like, "we honor Mandela's lifework through our UBUNTU movement." I get it and support the UBUNTU movement, but using a snip-it from an honorable and well-respected dead man's memorial speech for a non-profit organization promotion, just seems wrong. 🙁

  5. Is this not some how, Mandela is black and Obama black found them selves in a mess. That they can't even dare to be honest. I agree with you when you say they make Mandela worst slave than ever. The greedy control * have successfully succeeded to manipulate people's brain's.

  6. Ubuntu sounds good on the surface, but how can this concept be perverted by the New World Order crowd?  i.e. Banksters…. So what is gold?  Precious stones etc?  You find a ruby and how do you trade it or do you?  Sounds like you give it away for the common good.  How does the common good use it?   There is some missing links of info that I do not understand as yet. I understand the Free Energy Concepts that the ancients and Tesla made use of.  Still you need some technology to make use of this.  Someone is going to give this to me?  UBUNTU ??

  7. UBUNTU is an interesting concept, so is Communism, Maoism, Socialism and Peace on Earth.
    I meet many people waiting for a cash handout at street corners. I get requests from wealthy non-profits weekly asking for money donations. And my e-mail box is full with requests for contributions via Credit Cards from the Obama team.
    If change can come, it has to come from all people, or none but a Power greater than mankind.
    South Afrika is a very special place in many ways, however as long as International Conglomerates and Special Interests are allowed to create profits for stakeholders they will bleed people & country for "cold cash, diamonds, uranium, platimum or gold!"
    helmut schonwalder

  8. I don't think he was promoting your party Mr Tellinger, but rather the idea that which is UBUNTU. An idea that long proceeds political parties and even word UBUNTU itself. Your looking for credit where it is not due. That's an action that leads to a state which lacks in balance. Just Saying!

  9. Those who call Obama a puppet, be it as it may. Pinocchio was a puppet that came to life and it seems that the closer Obama comes to the end of his term he is coming to life, regardless of the lies that one defined him!

  10. Obama is a communist and that's a real problem for me, not to mention a traitor to the county he was elected to represent. In the United States we have what's called a constitution, and he is currently not abiding by it as he swore to do.

  11. The Wizard Apologizes,
    I have Now Visited Your Site.
    I Knew that What I has Seen,
    Sounded to Be Right.
    When I See My Buddy Barry,
    I Admit that I Can’t Help but to See Red.
    Why is It that Only the Good Presidents,
    Like JFK are the One’s Who End Up Dead?

  12. Nikola Tesla Met His End Unfortunate,
    By Choosing Strange Bedfellows.
    Associating Yourself with Known Liars!
    May J.P. Morgan Forever Burn Below!!!
    Two Hours I Listen to Your Words,
    Then I Discover This Little Fact.
    I May Need to Rethink Everything,
    And Take All My Good Thoughts Back.

  13. Obama Ubuntu?!?!?!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!  This man, steals from the public coffers and gives them away at zero interest borrowing rates to his insider, banks and large MNCs that can't run a business with profit, but rather suck the LIFE BLOOD OF THE PEOPLES.

    This man is a tyrant.  He is a chronic liar just as he is a chronic smoker.  The faster you wake up and distrust this puppet, the better. 

  14. Ubuntu   buntu  but nut. Just playing with words. Love and peace to all beings..
    What will any of this matter to you reading these words in 100.000 years.

    Get centered on Love..Think good thoughts, speak good words and do good actions.

    I am a follower of The Way and my master said for me to pray for those who persecute me and it works.. Love my enemy and yes I found out my worst enemy was ego and love makes it disappear for it is an illusion, albeit a persistent one that feeds on negative energy and hate. .       

  15. What the fuck is going on with all this bullshit I m starting hear . What it seems is that Mike has inside knowledge, not of his channeling ancient alien being in him. They would let you know little of things and make you go insane in your own mind how to put thing together your self,either way your doom to believe what any one says, dont put eyes on man or any other gods for Im a jealous GOD!!! End of days confusion would be brought on to man.

  16. Just remember both the Democrats and Republicans are back by the MIC. They want war and power most of all. The commander and chief can end the wars but they don't. O said in 2007 that he would end the war by March 2008, it didn't happen, just more lives lost.

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