Octominer Mining Motherboard Windows 10 Testing

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Octominer Mining Motherboard Windows 10 Testing.

Octominer Motherboard:


  1. Can you use either windows 10 home and windows 10 pro? Or it has to be windows 10 pro cos of it's added features as I noticed your using windows 10 pro..

    Im using windows 10 home, haven't activated the product key yet as I believe that won't be a problem to run the miner.. but I'm having problem with my octominer not recognizing my amd graphics cards. I only have amd cards and I'm Not sure what the issue is yet. Can you give me an idea on what might be causing it not to recognize the graphics card?

  2. Octominer are really cool, but do you think this motherboard can make crazy things like running 64 gpu's with the 1 pci-e 16x to 8 pci-e/USB cards ? (8 slots pci-e 16x with one 8 ports adapter in each slot in the octominer)

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