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Oculus announces the Connect developer conference and open-sources RakNet; Mighty No. 9 creators are crowdfunding again after already raising 3.8 million on Kickstarter; Linux Foundation announces Automotive Grade Linux for in-car systems.



  1. Mighty no. 9 doesnt "want your cash" , it's a new campaign for bonus content like voice acting and such. It has nothing to do with the animated series, that is being independently funded by digital frontier, the animation company behind the animated series.

  2. would be really cool if you guys (ncix) could put a bookmark at the start of the "news" so those of us who are interested in the content only (and not the "playful" intro) can skip to what really counts.

  3. Why Is he hating on ppl he doesn't even know like really How f*cking childish… Now He put himself rather low instead of being an adult SMH All Bronies Should Just ingnore Him and keep his head up Because just talking sh*t will put yourself as low as he is now SMH

  4. OMG the intro … enough for a Like LOL

    NCIX you rule!

    As for  Oculus it is dead to me and Mighty No. 9 well I like the idea of a game but nothing else … and … uhhh …. Linux in cars LOLOL

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