Old Computer Booting Windows XP

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This is a video of an old computer from the 90s booting Windows XP. It has a Pentium III and 386 MB of RAM with a 12 GB Hard drive. It goes really fast! It goes fast because when it was new, It was made for graphic design for an engineering company.

I spent hours upgrading this from Windows 98 because it went so slow when upgrading! Now it goes fast!

This computer was upgraded in the early 2000s. It was given a CD/DVD burner under the CD/DVD reader and was given more RAM. I do not know…


  1. i have a fast booting Xp computer. use it a lot. I just followed advice from the internet and youtube, un disk defragmenter and disk cleanup and it works really well. I remember when it was so slow…

  2. If it is that old it probably had a CDRW. You need to burn your choice Linux live iso directly to a CD-R bud… Don't use a DVD-R. Even if it is a combo DVD-Rom CDRW it will not read a writable DVD-R. DVD-RW drives were a post 2000 industry standards. You will need to update your bios by flashing it to get the latest bios and then hope and pray that it is dated new enough to detect a DVDRW. I am in the same boat. I'm running XP with 256mb SDRAM because my hand slipped and broke a china made Dimm

  3. This is far from being one of the oldest machines you can put windows xp into, it runs in a k5 but boots really slow and in a pentium mmx it boots and works pretty fast, in a k6-2 or k6-3 it's very fast already.

  4. When my grandma and grandpa get a new computer which will be sometime in 2013, I will probably take this and more than likely upgrade the hard drive to a bigger size and put both Windows 98 (SE maybe) and Windows XP on it, just to mess around with it.

  5. @misswagger243

    Click Start, right click on Computer (My Computer) and click Properties. To check your hard drive space open My Computer, right click on the hard drive that you want to see and click Properties.

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