OmniTech Support Windows 7 Tips & Tricks: Remapping Keyboard keys & No Reboot Windows Update [HD]

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Welcome to another segment of Windows 7 tips & tricks. This Windows 7 tips and tricks video can come in handy if you need it. Windows 7 tips & tricks really range from different things. This video will be teaching you how to change what a key does when you press it on the keyboard. For example, when you press the “4” key and you want it to display on the screen a “R”. Why you would ever need this I do not know, but if you ever do then…


  1. Says no reboot in the title, yet at the 1:34 mark says "Then restart the computer"… You must be one of the biggest morons… That is in fact a reboot, and get flagged for misleading title…

    Also, this program is rewriting your registry files. So, if you need to change your W, S, A, D, or even the Q, and E, keys because you're playing an old FPS where you cannot change the keys, good luck typing in your password if you have any of those letters used and you didn't create a restore point… Which R, S, T, L, N, E, are the most commonly used…

  2. Not because of your video, but I tried this program on my own and it seriously fucked up my whole keyboard.Nothing worked anymore .Had to do whole system restore

  3. It's two different tips. "Remap keys" and "Turn off reboot for windows update" It's very misleading. I wasted my time here as well looking for a way to remap keys without rebooting.

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