OneNote Document Scanning is BACK in Windows 10! Microsoft Surface Quick Tip

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Really short video (re) introducing OneNote’s famous document scanning feature in Windows 10! In this quick tutorial I show how to scan documents using the OneNote app (not the OneNote desktop application). I also show how to tweak settings to get the best results. Enjoy.

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How I use OneNote document scanning:
1. I use it to take pictures of projector slides during presentations, and inserting them in…


  1. Does anyone know how to tell which Onenote you might have on your computer/tablet? I seem to have 3; one has the darker purple cover, another a white cover, the third has a scissor showing. What are the differences between them? Also, the app version that downloads to a Kindle, what version is that & how compatible is it with the other 2. And also (sorry) is there a preferred PC version? So many questions, thank you all for your patience.

  2. Really poor title for the post. This is not SCANNING. This is taking a picture with a tablet/phone camera. Scanning implies that a dedicated "scanner" device is used, commonly attached to a PC/MAC via a USB cable. It may seem archaic to you millennials but for us 30-something ole fogies who are trying digitize all our old paper documents using a multi-feeder scanner, Microsoft really screwed the pooch by taking the Scan feature out of Onenote 2016 and contrary to this video title, it is not yet BACK!

  3. so is this not available for the desktop version (I have 2013)? if not, does the app and desktop sync and if so, how would you insert a doc while taking notes? I like the option of using the audio recorder, which I don't think is available in the app, correct?

  4. I was so happy when I saw this and thought how handy it would be to also use my Android phone to take pics then my synced OneNote app would share with my surface book but the OneNote app on Android is useless for this. >:(

  5. Indeed a very useful feature! Perhaps the Surface on the video is a Surface 4. My Surface Pro 3 has a 5 MP camera and is not able to make close range pictures. So… unusuable for scanning documents. I have to use my mobile Phone for that 🙁

  6. Hi Sean, your intro video about surface 3 is almost the biggest reason why I got it for school due to the one note recording feature you showed, however with the new window 10, the pen won't connect to Onenote desktop anymore but to the app, can you please suggest ways to help? Thanks and I greatly appreciate this!!

  7. Nice i was waiting on that :D. Upgraded to WIN10 on my surface 3, but do not have the document scanning feature. When i do insert camera i get a small window with the camera preview no selecton possible for whitebord ,document or photo.

  8. I prefer the 'whiteboard' option, because the result looks like you actually scan it using a scanner than the 'document' option; it just looks like a cropped photo of the document.

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