OpenFOAM Tutorial #1 – Intro, Installation & First Simulation

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In this video we explain,
– what is openFoam.
– Basic linux commands
– How to install OpenFoam
– your first OpenFoam simulation
– Structure of an OpenFoam case

OpenFOAM is managed and distributed under GPL by the OpenFOAM Foundation


  1. + comflics please for openFaom 4.1 the cavity folder or directory has just a single file and the mech folder is instead found in system
    any inside would be greatly appreciate

  2. When trying to open in ParaView, output is as follows:

    derek.fricke@DGP-051 ~/OpenFOAM/derek.fricke-2.3.x/run/cavity
    $ paraFoam
    created temporary 'cavity.foam'
    /opt/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-2.3.x/bin/paraFoam: line 272: paraview: command not found

    Any idea why? ParaView is installed. This is operated through Windows using cygwin64

  3. Hello,
    Thanks for the video series, it helps me a lot. I am also looking for any tutorials for OpenFOAM 3.1 ext (need for project work), Could you help or suggest something ??
    Thank you very much!!

  4. Hi guys, I am new to Open Foam and I wanted to express my deep gratitude for those video's. Those video's are extremely helpful to get yourself to jump through the first hoops.
    So far I have been bothering with simulating those things by using my own software, but I must admit that computational physics is extremely difficult (especially the math behind it) if you want to simulate things for yourself.
    Open Foam looks very promising, and it is – fortunately – free, and really not all that difficult to use after someone has led you through the most important things about it. Thanks!

  5. i have a problem… first of all my ParaView doesn't come up on the command "paraFoam', but it does come up on the command "paraView". then, the cavity is missing from the left panel, and i can't figure it out how to visualize stuff.
    thanks 🙂

  6. Sorry for the basic question but could someone tell me why Openfoam insists on using linux? whats the big deal with Linux, I've only ever used windows. Is Linux something big and special????

  7. We will upload a tutorial by November. Meanwhile, Durham Uni report explains a standard OF airfoil2d tutorial. Take a look – dur(dot)ac(dot)uk/g.l.ingram/download/openfoamtutorial2012.pdf

  8. No; de 0:55 a 1:00 indican que OpenFoam solo está disponible para linux. Una ventaja del OpenFoam es su versatilidad de acuerdo con los intereses del usuario, lo cual es posible gracias a dicho sistema operativo (1:18 a 1:25).

  9. Great starting demo on OpenFOAM! I also new in this area hoping to use it for microfluidics work and for particles/granular coupled with CFD. I'm kind of comfortable with openSUSE and had manage to work in that environment. I wonder if you guys can also show how a DEM (say using LAMMPS and LIGGGHT) can work with OpenFOAM 2.2.x as CFD solver.

  10. After adding "source /opt/openfoam220/etc/bashrc" this line to your .bashrc. You either type source ~/.bashrc in your terminal or simply close and open the terminal again. -Sadiq

  11. Thanks a lot. I have to learn OpenFOAM quickly and i wasn't even able to understand if it were installed or not. In 10 minutes you made me run a case!!!

    I will follow the other Tutorials, great job!

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