Operating system SmackDown: Windows 8 blitzes XP on 7 year old hardware

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A few weeks back I wrote about The impending crisis that is Windows XP and IE 8 and boy did I hear some opinions!

“Why should I be forced to upgrade?! I’m happy with my 11 year old OS dammit!”

“I’m sick of Microsoft always changing things!”

“Get off my lawn ya damn kids!”

But most interestingly:

“Why should I be forced to upgrade my hardware to run this new OS?!”

Really? I mean I know there’s this unwritten law that newer software requires more resources but my experience with Windows…


  1. Just saying: Windows 8 is never really shutting down. Windows 8 uses some kind of hybrid hybernation shutdown. The only way to really test how fast Windows 8 is booting up is to reboot it and check the speed there.

  2. Troy, Windows 8 will boot faster because it has a special fast boot feature similar to hibernate which XP wasn't using. Try it without the fast boot, I think it will be similar to XP (but possibly still faster).

  3. Mine is 8 year old laptop running win 7 home premium with 5.4 score,
    also this laptop support xp
    it has xp drivers,7 drivers,8.1 drivers, and 10 drivers, i tried xp but for me it's more slower

  4. I use XP on my PC for retro games. I also use Windows 7 and Windows 10 all on the same computer on three different hard disks. Windows 8 and 8.1 will never run on any computer that I buy, and if it does, it's getting replaced. When I bought my computer, it came with Windows 8 on it and I replaced it with Windows 7 as soon as I possibly could because my desktop is not a tablet lol

  5. 8 May be faster in some aspects but it will never come close to XP in my book. And there's nothing wrong with hating change, especially when a company like Microsoft, undeniably, has done it a lot. Mostly in the past 3/4 years. And the reason why people usually are frustrated at people who go around saying things like "hey, you should upgrade," "Windows XP is old and outdated you're an idiot for still using it," or the most ridiculous, "take off your nostalgia goggles" is because it's repetitive, and annoying after hearing it a lot. But… to each his own.

  6. These are two completely different operating systems. The entire installation process for both of them are completely different. The method of compression of files in the installation media (or disk image) is entirely different which means the method of decompressing these files during installation is different. I'll leave that with the readers and let it sink in…

    In 7 more years, we will probably compare windows 8 to the next newest best OS available and think the same thing about 8 that we are with XP.

  7. The problem with Win 8 is not speed, it is design, I am not asking for Elementary OS or OS X tier GUI, I am asking for something that doesn't look… bad, in the case of Win 8, you know… they fucked up, and they should have known.

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