Ophcrack Tutorial- DETAILED

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Tutorial on how to use Ophcrack to crack windows xp and window vista SAM username passwords! VERY DETAILED, step by step instructions!


  1. All works well when i boot up Ophcrack, Iget the start screen, it starts running and I see all the text go by but then when the program begins to run all I get is colored snow. Any ideas? I have tried different monitors as well.

  2. After changing the Boot, my Cd is not running! I download the CDlive version and it was a WinRaR version! What can I do? I already download another version of Ophcrack but still, the Cd is not running! Heeelp

  3. 3 hours to download, 2 1/2 hours to finish trying to crack the password only to be told, "Not Found" WTF?!!!! I used the vista version, because its windows 7. I need to find out the password instead of change it, so now what? Any ideas? Thank you.

  4. I'm using the windows xp/7 version (have windows 7) The process works as shown in your video up until I get to the ophcrack window (where the cracking progress bar appears) Here the Brute force crack appears to be done before the Preload is done (sometimes the preload is still at 4% and the Brute force box says done) When the preload does get to 100% the password is still not cracked (only the empty password places appear with the words 'empty the ones with passwords are still blank) any ideas?

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