OS Exploration: Windows XP Ultimate Edition By Johnny

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This is a custom image of XP Pro SP3 x86.
It is pre-activated, contains Media Center 2005 and Tablet PC components, and is heavily tweaked visually with a fair deal of custom themes to select from. There is also a Vista Dreamscene-like feature based upon HTML videos.
I am not endorsing piracy, nor did I create this ISO. XP is now EoL since 2014, and no longer sold by MS. This is here for nostalgia purposes only.
From what I can tell, there is nothing malicious contained in this image. If…


  1. It seems nice. I have made thousands of custom Server 2003 ISOs, which didn't really like mods that much (especially x64), but this one is just so great. Well, I can't use anything older than NT 6.0 in my computers though, as Server 2003 wasn't made in the SSD era to have it properly configured in its partitions, and only Vista or Server 2008 and above are to be used in my PCs. My Sandy rig works great with 2008, and I have never regretted that choice. Besides, most software now wants 7 and above, but I don't love the new apps that have been made, as they tend to have the worst looks (flat and square seems so awful to me), very resource hungry. The era of 2007-09 was seriously the best one in computer UI looks and performance. x64 got more popular, SSDs started getting released, and RAM became cheaper. Sites back then didn't use 300mb of your memory to be viewed either. So, to finish, XP and Server 2003 were great OSes, and they're still the lightest you can use (if you can install in a modern system).

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