Outlook 2016 overview for desktop, Windows 10, iOS & Android

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Ben Walters joins Jeremy Chapman for a preview of the new Outlook mail and calendar experiences across the Windows desktop, Windows 10, iOS and Android. Watch the end-to-end tour of richest Outlook capabilities to date.


  1. On Outlook for Android, if I email someone it just shows in the from field my email address and not my full name. I can't find where I can specify my name. Is it possible to do so?

  2. Except for the performance of ScanPST.exe, rest features are good enough. Last month, I used Stellar PST repair as an alternative of ScanPST.exe. No doubt, it is a good software, but you can’t use its functionality in free demo.

  3. Rants people… Say thanks this thing even works. Have a look at how Windows search does its job under Windows 10. Can't find at times a single thing even if it's right at its nose. Had to install a 547 Kb software called Everything which does a better job of pulling any single instance of what is searched in any folder in seconds. Now, a 3rd party software does a better job than the native software.

    Bravo Outlook team. WIdnows search team could learn a lesson from you.

  4. Outlook 2016 sure suck big time. Its so amazingl laggy and slow to use, and full of commercial. Commercial in a mail, Seriously?
    I havent upgraded to the free windows 10 version so maybe thats an issue, but i wont either becouse nothing is really free or without a catch.
    If anyone knows a good mail that runs smooth on a 5yr old laptop. Give me a heads up.

  5. I don't use Outlook much for email, but I am a heavy Calendar user. Outlook 2016 is just not cutting it. It is not as customizable as 2010 or 2013, there doesn't seem to be any way to set HTML as a default in appointments and I can't even get HTML at all in tasks, despite setting my preferred default font several times in three or four different ways, it does not stick. There are fewer options in the setting boxes. This probably explains why this presentation only spent a few seconds on Calendar. I have seached the web for an hour or so using various terms and still cannot find an answer or workaround. Very frustrating. If anyone can tell me how to do this, I would truly appreciate it.

  6. Microsoft killing windows live mail 2012 for shit mail app the trash u released in windows 10 shame on u Microsoft no wonder u are fading away and apple becoming more better day by day

  7. I use windows live mail on windows 7 for calendar and 2 email accounts now. After the upgrade to windows 10 will these be integrated into outlook or is there something I have to do? Thanks

  8. Completely skipped over Windows 10 Mobile entirely and only focused on the desktop version. I can kind of understand why since it is beyond terrible, even for a preview, but it is kind of disappointing how alienated Microsoft's own mobile OS is from their apps and services.

    Really unfortunate how Microsoft publishes better content (and more of it) on iOS and Android than their own mobile ecosystem. There used to be a reason to use WindowsPhone, but it's looking like there won't be for much longer.

  9. Guys all the features and all are great…but please make sure the outlook app looks native on Windows 10, with the wireframe icons and all and doesnt follow its own design principles…and please bring the controls on the phone back down…controls on the top is just not practical for use

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