Outlook gets dark theme in Windows 10 Mobile

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Latest update for Outlook on Windows 10 gets dark mode and more personalization. We go hands-on.

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  1. This dark theme is amazing, however when you open your email it still shows White, it would be great if there could be like a Reading mode in Edge where your Font turns White and your background turns black, this could be a nice feature in Outlook.

  2. I prefer white a lot more! But this is nice for people who prefer black!

    Anyway can't wait for this update. Do you think I will be able to install it in October? I have a unlocked Lumia 930 in the Netherlands.

  3. Do you experience heating fast for 1520? Cuz mine one yes and already sent back to center for repair. The worst is I don't have any idea how much it cost due to camera or motherboard broken.

  4. Does the W10 calendar show details of the events in the month view? I have True Calendar 8 app because I love the month view, and I'm hoping Microsoft implemented this into their Calendar.

  5. I kinda feel like it should look like the settings app, where the header and hamburger are grey and the background is pure black. It makes it look a lot nicer for Clearblack displays.

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