Pacman 101 for Beginners – (Arch Linux / KDE)

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‘Pacman’ is the program used to update/upgrade your software on an Arch Linux-based distribution. It is also used to search the repositories and install/uninstall programs.
In this video, I’ll cover how to update, upgrade, search, install, and remove software using pacman.

Summary of commands:
sudo pacman -Syy -Used to update the list of available software in the official Arch Linux repositories.

sudo pacman -Su -Used to upgrade software already installed on your Arch Linux…


  1. I want to use arch linux and I want to run kde plasma can you make a video on steps to install kde plasma while installing arch or when to install kde plasma during the arch install ? thanks

  2. hanks for making this, man.
    Glad to have someone making vids for us n00bz who want to use linux!
    Also, your desktop looks awesome!  I hope I can make mine look as boss as yours!

  3. right after i do sudo pacman -syy and type password it says Error: invalid option '-s'  what is wrong here? yes im n00b to linux and wanna learn. also i have tryed to do a update on pacman sience that was suggested from another vid and from my terminal. i try pacman-db-upgrade and it says im not allowed as long as pacman i running. no idea how to solve this as i cant even insall anything atm as i t seams and desperetly needs help

  4. Just finishing my install and as per usual I come to YouTube for guidance ..thanks for the tips ..and one more thing…I want that wallpaper!! Lol where can I get a copy ? Ty much again…


  5. No trouble at all. I'm finding out that using Linux distros isn't near as difficult as I thought it would be. It's totally useable at this point…for pretty much anything except for gaming. Let me know if there's anything that I might be able to help with.

    Thanks again for subscribing and liking the videos!

  6. Thank you again. I call my self a 10 year newb using linux. Having messed around with Fedora, Slackware, Unbuntu on and off but never stayed with it. When I get arch installed on a hard drive instead of Vbox, I plan to stay with it.

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