Part 1: How to install Linux on your Toughbook CF-29

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Bring new life to your old Panasonic Toughbook with Linux! This beginner-friendly video covers creating a disc for Elementary OS and installing it on a Toughbook CF-29 MK4. To read the blog article that goes with this video, visit

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  1. How install Fedorra/Redhat in Panasonic Toughbook CF-31. Installation is completing but its not booting up. It was a Windows 10 Preloaded toughbook I formatted all the partiotion and zero filled the HDD, but its showing windows 10 loader partition after Installed tha Linux. Please help me If U can……

  2. Hopeless sound and very bad explanation just as a non-professional would explain it. Man, open your mouth and do not muffle and also look after your audio levels. I rate this video 1 out of 10.

  3. Is it possible to get Elementary 0.4 working on a CF-30? As far as I can tell, it's x86_64 arch only. When I boot the image from USB, it complains about not supporting i686.

  4. Good Job ED………..I found Linux Mint15 to be very dependable……………solid!! with the Toughbook Cf-29 and Linux Mint Debian was just excellent on the CF-51 model…..
    I also found the ultimate way to tell the Stupid Virus idiots from annoying me was to put the Mint15 on the USB Stick with the use of the ISO image which allowed me to never need another hard-drive to get my stuff done.
    My laptop system got dropped a few times on the world internet and all I had to do was unplug the Laptop put the USB Stick in again and away it went…………..every time!!
    Linux Mint16 is tremendously useful with those 2 Accessory tools the formatter and the write tools to make the USB Stick…….so simple……..Ubuntu was a bloated dissapointment and some people seemed to have observed the same……

  5. Thank you very much for answering maybe you're right the touch screen may is failing I try to change another question where I download drivers for any panasonic thanks

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