Payday 2 on Ubuntu Linux

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– A gameplay video of a full mission played on the new Linux port.

Run on Intel i7, Nvidia 980ti, 16GB RAM. Ubuntu 16.04 64bit.

Apologies for any screen tearing, Compiz is really bad with it. Xpander has shared a script with me after this video was made that helps a bit.


  1. I was reading articles about linux gaming on the internet for a while. As a long time linux user (about 3-4 years) I've never made a serious gaming station and now I'm trying to make a linux gaming station. But I wonder;

    1- ) Do you think using different desktop enviroments makes differences on gaming performance ?

    2- ) Some people says Arch Linux is one of the best for gaming, some of them says manjaro comes with properietary drivers, so it's better than arch, some people says gentoo is the best, some of them says ubuntu since steam directly supports it. Do you think using different distros makes any huge performance difference between gaming stations ?

    I mean would I feel any differences between ubuntu 14.04, 15.10 or manjaro linux or arch linux or maybe on debian 8 ?

  2. hey man, i wonder can lightweight linux make more performance in gaming,
    so please can u try and compare diferent os's like usual ubuntu with
    unity, lubuntu (or arch inux or other lightweight linux), and also
    figure out how and try to play on puppy linux

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