Performance SteamOS (Linux) x Windows 10 (English Subs)

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Comparando a performance lado a lado nos sistemas operacionais SteamOS e Windows 10, aqui temos um comparativo em alguns jogos que tem suporte nativo nos dois sistemas, pois o Windows utiliza a API(Application Programming Interface ou Interface de Programação de Aplicativos em português) Directx podendo ser 9, 10, 11 ou 12, e o sistema da Microsoft tambem roda os games em outras como OpenGL e Vulkan(a mais nova competidora do DX12, ambas de baixo nivel), já no SteamOS (Linux) só é…


  1. Well done, but I'd like to emphasize one thing, this is rather a comparison of ports performance rather than a OS performance.
    Most AAA games available on SteamOS are ports, not native games, and ports are frequently less performant when compared with native games. Think for a second about the recent batman port for Windows and how bad it was.
    More or less is the same thing with SteamOS now, because performance is lost in the converting process.
    If you want to really test the OS performance itself on specific hardware you can use something like GFXBench.

    Also, there's something not right with the Vulkan test on SteamOS. Vulkan should run with about 10 FPS more that OpenGL, (still inferior compared with DX) not less.
    Take a look at the settings for both OpenGL and Vulkan and make sure they are identical, on some configs settings are automatically changed when API's are changed.

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