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  1. I visited this place last year July 2016, with my son and my nephew, 3 dark skin lads who stood out like a sore thumb in this part of South Africa. Michael’s crew were very hospitable, but were all Eurasians, apart from the house cleaners etc.

    As you can see in the videos, Apartheid is still evident even with people who are exposing true Afrikan History and heritage.

    I really hope they have diversified their group, being centred on ancient Afrikan history, Ubuntu should really be led by a diverse leadership and NOT just the over privileged Eurasian occupiers of Afrikan land.

  2. I like that, "we do not need to go back to the dark-ages", we just need to get a new MODERN system different from that what it is now! Thanks Louise and Michael for helping me change my life and attitude. I would love to live there and contribute as engineer, inventor and artist. RRG2015

  3. okay. the idealism behind this movement is really awesome but honestly, its nothing what he promotes in his other videos? sounds kind of cult like… the idea was sold extremely well. watched all the videos too, but nothing is adding up. a lot of contradiction.

  4. I don't get how the moneyless society can work without trade or even barter. Right now you can't even start your communities without money and products from the money-based society (donations, selling fish, etc.). I'm not attacking you just trying to see the practical implications. For example, there was a person with Mac laptop in the video. How will you replace this technology? There is a whole industry behind that laptop. Thousands of people whose paid jobs made that laptop possible. Do you expect new technologies to be invented that doesn't need complex industrial processes to produce clothes, computers, means of transportation, etc.? Or after the transition period you just switch to primitive life style without technology? Or will you preach Ubuntu philosophy and buy technology, products and services from the money-based society? And what about personal freedom? Does the community lifestyle allow such thing?

  5. Can we visit you later this year and find out how to start this kind of community right here where I live in Waenhuiskrans? Contact me please. I am retired and live here and I feel it is my mission to implement your vision possibly right here where I live. Or possibly go to where you are. All I know is your way of doing things now is the only possible way to live.

  6. i cant wait to see the outcome in just a few weeks im hoping you guys get the votes maybe you wont win but it will give you the spotlight on the subject i would love to live in a community like this i would move to south africa in a heart beat

  7. So they don't value money but they have ipods, tablets, laptops. Right. Their philosophy is we don't want to work for anybody and to pay them for services. We work for our self's. They don't use medicine, just wait till somebody dies due their stupidity.

  8. Michael,i've only recently discovered you,your ideas,your vision.I deeply admire and respect what you want to do and i totally agree about banks,money,consumer's society and the enslavement of people(who don't even realize it)
    You talk of being in harmony with all creation,imagine my huge disappointment when i heard you speak of fish farming,cheese,butter,dairy!
    You still plan on using and exploiting non humans.Your evolution has not come to the point where you realize than only by going vegan,you will achieve what you're talking about. I see you have magnificent ridgebacks,whom,i'm sure you love and protect.Yet,you have no qualms of raising other animals for the sole purpose of killing them.Animals are the real inhabitants of this beautiful planet,they too want to live their lives for their own purposes,free of enslavement.So why the speciesism? 

  9. I am thrilled you are doing this, and would love to join you. I am a dual citizen to Canada and the USA already, and don't think they would tack another citizenship on there sadly.

  10. Love those Ridgebacks!  I had a Labrador boy once who fell in love with a Ridgeback lady.  He was totally infatuated with her.  It was one of the most amazing things to witness between two animals. Towards an Ubuntu world of love and respect for all life. 

  11. Really wish I had found you guys before we left SA four years ago for the UK. Will hopefully visit next year when we come over to see parents. Good luck. I feel homesick and I have never been to Ubuntu village.

  12. My wife and I live in ubuntu as much as is possible in the context of needing to survive in the USA.  I still work a job to provide for my family and I consider myself to be a whore to the corporate structure.  I long for the day that I can give my time and my talent without  NEEDING to get back.  Right now ubuntu cant work in middle america but I know one day it will be possible.  I long for that day.  I will be a pert of making it happen.

  13. Is Louise from Denmark?, it sounds like that ;-).. We are two danish families who follow your work and love what you are doing, and dream of joining you.. Love to you all..  

  14. Grazie michel (: allaccio il tuo video a più links possibili. Thank u so much michael..I'll link as many as I can to your wondetful video! Take care and I hope to pay I visit to you as soon as possible with my new experience eith the didgeridoo.. look at my vid where I play didg on kaosteenty2 channel

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