Pidgin Instant Messenger Tips & Bot Sentry -Linux Ubuntu-

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Tips for Pidgin instant messenger. How to get more emoticons, protect against bots, disable sounds, and more.
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  1. hey thanx for that video iv had my linux acer one laptop for nearly a year and i dont have a clue how to download pdgin !! if you can make a video showing us how to do that i would be really greatful as i can finally put use to my built in cam and speaker lol :L

  2. Thanks so much, i am also a subscriber and have to say i think it is a great thing you are doing here. your videos are well laid out and describe everything step by step….. keep up the good work.

  3. Very Good.. I am a subscriber to your channel and I really enjoy your videos. No stone left unturned, like the way you cover all aspect of the application.

    Want to say I appreciate the effort and videos and please keep them coming.

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