PINE64 Downloading and Installing Ubuntu

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Quick video on downloading and installing the Ubuntu operating system to the PINE64. If you are looking for something highly technical. this is not the video you are looking for. Using Windows to create the OS on the SD card was by far easier and more reliable but I gave it a shot on an Ubuntu laptop as well.


  1. From my understanding no linux version is fully working with regard to video playback. I mean full screen 720 or 1080 playback. Also I think with most Android versions wired internet is not working only wifi. Seems like a crap board to me.

  2. Many thanks from you one fan. You did a very good job with video. Great info for all. I will put your info to work this afternoon, it will work. I have been a Ubuntu only since Ubuntu 10, all of the early ones run on most out dated laptops. I am running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on a Lenovo thinkpad T400. I love open source and plan to stay with them as long as I can dig computers out of the trash. Have a great day and keep up the good videos. I am open to PM messages if needed.

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