Plasma Widget – Tiled Menu – Bring Windows 10 to Plasma

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In this video, we discuss one of the latest menu widgets for Plasma which Mimicks the Windows 10 menu and does it very well. Fast becoming my favorite menu for KDE Plasma 5


  1. Hello Rocco ! I watched this video for the third time and I have practised a bit. There are missing and annoying features. When you want to add a widget you should have the option to right click it once selected and get options/actions which isn't the case. Double clicking it is not an obvious move. For the search, normally in programming you give the option for the way to search and how to sort the results. Another annoying feature is when you open the Tiled menu and you are editing the parameters of this menu on the side each time you type or save something the Tiled menu disappears.
    This is why I prefer to edit configuration files. You edit them and then you restart/reload the daemons based on these configuration files. Job done !
    The other big advantage with configuration files is that you can add/edit features you don't have or can't do in a GUI. The CLI has the edge over the GUI for that matter. Now you are not obliged to do it in a terminal. You have the best of both worlds. You choose a good text editor (Atom, Geany, Bluefish, and so on…). So you'll have the GUI advantages while editing your files. Someone so talented as you are would feel even more powerful once you'll have mastered the CLI. And thanks to that you could do more videos as midfingr or gotbletu did in the past. Believe me Rocco !!!
    Best regards,

  2. Thanks for the video. Didn't know that menu. Those who like win10 look and mimicry, will be thrilled with that. Besides it's a great menu on its own, although I still prefer dashboard one better.

    I discovered that lately they added "minimize all" widget! I couldn't understand the stupid "show desktop" one that was really annoying and none functional. I always had to use downloadable script that adds shortcut to do that. Now we have default plasma "minimize all" widget that should be there from the start. I still like shortcut better, because widget is a big, clunky icon, but on other hand, sometimes I just do things with one hand on my pad and I need some gui buttons to click on. Besides, it was always weird that plasma with all its customization possibilities had lacked with those basic options that were available in all DEs and other systems (like windows).

  3. Another excellent KDE video. I am so happy to finally see someone promote KDE. It has always been my desktop of choice (Even through the KDE 3 days) and it has served me very well. I think as KDE grows it will get better and better and hopefully regain it's status as number one as it was in the pre KDE 3 days. Please do not get me wrong, Gnome, XFCE,Cinnamon,Mate etc are very good as well and I have a great deal of respect for them too. I began my Linux journey with KDE and always loved it as it always kept the Linux mantra of choice more than the others. Anything I did not like or wanted to change to suit my likes,taste and personality would be possible under KDE most of the time. I became so tired of watching videos from others showing how great Gnome and the rest were and when it came to KDE all you heard was the common statements of "KDE is OK……. but" followed by "It doesn't make full use of screen space", "it crashes far to often", and everyone’s go to criticism, "It takes up too many resources". I have watched several of your videos and I think you have a good understanding of the inner workings of KDE and make a creditable and honest effort of showing people what can be done with it. Thank you for your contribution as it is appreciated by so many. The KDE team has worked very hard to make it a mainstay in the community and it shows with every release. In this video you showed how to make the menu look more like a Windows 10 variant. Not my cup of tea but I understand your intent and offer no criticism. In the future I am hopeful that you delve into other aspects of the desktop that is not usually discussed. Topics such as How to use KWallet, KWin Scripts and Akonadi. Between you and Rob from Linux Quest, I now feel that as a KDE user I have a place to go and see my desktop as it evolves and have an opportunity to learn more not only from the two of you but from others posting comments, answers and questions. You have earned a new subscriber.

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